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Million Dollar Diet: Finding The Plan That Fits

Million Dollar Diet: Finding The Plan That Fits

Michael Heydt B.S.

The list of fad diets seemingly grows by the minute.  I am always excited when I hear about a new “so and so” diet because I match people’s enthusiasm in learning about this new, crazy eating plan.  You want crazy results, you have to do something crazy.  Let’s face it, I also like hearing about the most torturous parts of the plan, such as no refined carbs, or no meat, etc.  These are the parts that usually break people, and make them fall off the proverbial wagon.  Paleo, Atkins, Slow-carb, Low-carb, Low-Calorie, Vegetarian, Whole30, Weight Watchers, Isogenix, and Intermittent Fasting…these are all examples of trendy diet plans.  Guess what…They all work and they all don’t work.  There is no such thing as a “Million Dollar Diet” 

People fail at nutrition for a few reasons.  The first is dedication to the plan.  If you follow a diet for 5-6 days, then all of a sudden go back to having a day of eating like a king….check that, eating for a small village…those 5-6 days of pulling back have just been wasted.  Also, only pulling back for 5-6 days at a time, makes it much harder to get back on the plan.  The physiological and psychological feeling for pizza, beer, Big-Mac’s(whatever bad food is your curse) is still fresh in your head.  You are still yearning for those foods, and your taste buds are directly tied into your brain through your vision and smell.  Try giving yourself a full 14 days of eating healthy, and what you may find is that when you do want to have a bad meal, your taste buds have changed and you want something completely different, maybe slightly healthier…maybe not a Big-Mac!(Hah)

The second reason people fail at diets and nutrition plans is social events.  I have found this to be THE most torturous part of following a diet.  When all of your friends and family are eating whatever they want and throwing back libations of all kind, you end up feeling like the un-cool kid at the high school dance, standing off to the side with arms folded watching everyone have fun.  Here’s a little piece of advice, build your off days around special events you want to have fun at.  Do you have a Memorial Day barbeque coming up on Sunday or Monday?  Start your diet on Tuesday, or plan to start it 14 days or so before the event, then jump right back into it the day after.  Another great option I have found is to actually host the event yourself if you can, you’ll be so busy you won’t have time to think about eating bad food or drinking alcohol(well somewhat).

My advice to you is to find 1 or 2 somewhat realistic diet plans that you can loosely follow and STICK WITH IT.  Even when you fail, get right back up and back on the plan.  I’ll spare you the combination of what exactly I follow, but I can tell you I loosely follow three plans and I just stay consistent with them in specific orders, days, weeks and months.  The timing revolves around my social events and vacations.  The next big event is Memorial Day (this weekend), followed by July 4th @ the beach, and finally my vacation.  Heck, even vacation has a big aspect of one of the plans mentioned above.

Let us know what your top diet blunders are and how you get past them.  Post it right in the comments on Facebook for this post!

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