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Increase Physical Activity By Getting Outdoors

Increase Physical Activity By Getting Outdoors

Michael Heydt, B.S.

One of the best transitions each year, personally, is going from winter to spring.  The warm(er) weather, sunshine, grilling, and the great outdoors (hiking, fishing, camping) are all reasons I get giddy with excitement come April.  In this post, I wanted to give you some personal trainer approved bouts of physical activity, that will make you think twice about regarding it as "cardio" or "exertion."  For all of these activities, I used a 185lb male to calculate calories burned.  Here they are...

Walking around your neighborhood for 45 minutes not only gives you the caloric burn, but it also can help bolster your relationship with neighbors.  Try shooting for that "Oprah" stride, a little fast but not running.  (250 Calories)

Riding your bike is such a great way to exercise, while not even noticing it.  It's great for kids of all ages, and helps them get outside without putting too much stress on their legs.  Ever see a kid walk 2 miles?  Doubtful.  But a 2 mile bike ride can be done in under 30 minutes!  (366 Calories)

Playing soccer with your kids is another sneaky-hard activity, that will have you out of breath, but your kids wanting more.  I found this out two weeks ago playing soccer with my niece.  Coming inside I thought, "man I'm really sweating!"  As a personal trainer, I highly encourage you to go run around with your kids as much as humanly possible.  It's just as good for you as it is for them. (294 Calories-30 minutes)

This one is geared more towards the guys, historically.  But ladies, you may be surprised at the great workout chopping firewood is.  Every Sunday for the past two years, my ritual is as follows...1. Big breakfast 2. Chop firewood 3. Watch football.  Cutting firewood is a TOTAL body workout.  You might even be surprised at how sore your fingers are(yes your fingers have muscles too).  (255 Calories-30 minutes) PS. I think 255 Calories is too low of a count for this strenuous activity, but we'll buy it for now.

The last one on our list is hiking.  Many of our clients do this and they understand how hard it can be, even to add 10lbs of gear on your back and hike for 2 hours.  For me, this is the "Gold Standard" of cardio/physical activity/outdoor activity.  Beautiful yet exhausting.  I would beg you to go for one hike in a beautiful location and promise that you will come back with a deep appreciation for the outdoors and your health. *for this one, I added 10 lbs to the individual-195lbs to show how many calories are burned in 120 minutes. (259 Calories-30 minutes / 1,053 Calories-120 minutes)

Happy Trails ; )


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