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Hack The Calories: Holiday Party Edition

Hack The Calories: Holiday Party Edition

Michael Heydt, B.S.

The holiday season is in full swing.  It seems like almost weekly, even twice a week there is a work or family function to attend...and indulge.  Calorie counting and portion control can very easily go out the window when catching up with old friends, family, or co-workers.  I have to admit that I struggled with food/drink over the last two weeks with Thanksgiving and birthdays.  Deep in thought last night, I remembered something from a book I read a few years back.  The book was “Better Than Steroids by Warren Willy” -don’t laugh, it has nothing to do with pharmaceutical enhancement of the average person's physique.  This book was given to me by a long time member of the FT family, Tim. It focuses on putting your body in a state of anabolism (muscle building and fat burning) and minimizes catabolism (muscle wasting and fat storing) through proper nutrition and workout timing.  One of the best takeaways I found from this book dealt with exactly what the title of this page is: Holiday Parties.


The idea “BTS” gives is to focus much of your nutritional attention to everything outside of the party.  Eat clean the rest of the week, no matter what.  Most important to this concept is to “bookend” workouts around the party (aka Calorie Fest 2016).  No booze or heavy carb meals leading up to or immediately after said party.  Let’s surmise that your party is at 7pm on Friday.  All week you are eating healthy and maintaining your normal fitness routine.  Friday rolls around and you plan a very hard workout at 5pm.  Prep work.  Party it up, not counting food calories or Jack & Cokes.  You then will wake up Saturday and, before eating anything, do another hard workout.  Post work.  You then go directly back into your normal weekly routine: eating clean and maintaining your training regimen.


This is a pretty cool twist on fighting the holiday weight gain.  Give it a try and post comments below on your results!


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