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FT Games: Recap

FT Games: Recap

Mike Heydt

The journey began on Thursday February 15th (Through Monday the 26th) and contestants started their rep/time trials.  Five different events testing 5 different areas of fitness.  Our crew came up with some really good events, and some very challenging ones at that!  Here are the events with the winners...


Anaerobic Endurance - 1 Minute Max Burpees

Christine D - 23 reps

LC - 19 reps


Core - Max Effort Plank

Christine D - 2 minutes 2 seconds

Mark A - 3 minutes 30 seconds


Aerobic Endurance - 1000m Row 

Kevin M - 3 minutes 24 seconds

Maria S - 4 minutes


Strength - Bench Press Max Reps(95lbs men / 45 lbs women)

Kevin M - 66 reps

Christine D - 45 reps


Main Event - as many rounds as possible to the nearest rep!

*10 Wall Ball Shots (18lb men / 12lb women), 10 Plank Jacks, 10 Battle Rope Slams*

LC - 6 full rounds

Christine D - 4 and 2/3 rounds + 6 slams


To the winners' delight, their prize is "TRAIN THE TRAINER".  In years past members would store up months or years of anguish and suffering at the hands of our trainers, and let it all out in one 45 minute session while training a trainer.  This year, for every event they've won, the winners' will get to train one of the trainers for 15 minutes.


Congrats to the winners and everyone who participated!




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