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Fantasy Fitness Mid-Season Report

Fantasy Fitness Mid-Season Report

Mike Heydt B.S.

3 weeks in, and do we have some high scoring teams!  Huge, HUGE matchup this week with Team Meat (Dwayne) vs. The Nordics (Anders).  Two MVP candidates are facing off this week from each team!  This could decide the tie breaker to move on to the Superbowl.  All the while, the Tuff Muthas' (Crystal) are just piling on victories, leaving everyone in the dust.  There is still hope for The Alkies (Mike S) and The Mechanics (Sal) to cover ground and slip into the #2 spot, but they have a tough road ahead of them.  The Mechanics face the Tuff Muthas' this week, so this will be a big test for them, then in the week 5 finale, The Alkies and Mechanics duel it out.  The Chefs (Mike H) are staying true to their team name and just cooking up wins for the other team each week! They have been plagued by injury, illness, and travel.  The quest for 1 win is on!   Below are the standings thus far...


Week 3 Standings:

The Tuff Muthas' (Crystal) 3-0

Team Meat (Dwayne) 2-1

The Nordics (Anders) 2-1

The Alkies (Mike S) 1-2

The Mechanics (Sal) 1-2

The Chefs (Mike H) 0-3...but we're undefeated in spirit!


MVP Standings:

Kelly G of Team Meat with 140 total points (as of 1:33pm on 10/22/16)

Gayle of The Nordics with 127 total points 


Total # of Social Media Actions:

70+ comments/videos/pictures taken (videos just keep trickling in)


Who knows what the next three weeks will bring?  Only time will tell.  Get that cardio your social media challenges...and WORK HARD!


~Mike H

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