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Fantasy Fitness 2018

Fantasy Fitness 2018

Mike Heydt

Fantasy Fitness is our annual program where our members get drafted to a team coached by one of our trainers.  The following visits to the studio had the corresponding point values...

Personal Training or Pack class - 6 pts

Cardio 15 minutes before or after PT or Pack - 1 pt

Cardio 30 minutes before or after PT or Pack - 2 pts

Cardio 45 minute increments (not assoc. with PT or Pack) - 3 pts per 45 minute

Stretch & Roll (Free Class every Tuesday) - 2 pts

Social Media Challenges(3 per week) - 2 pts each


Our Regular Season was a tough fought battle that culminated in a 3 way tie for first place based on the records.  Team Rob, Team Emma, and Team Crystal all went 4-1, AND all were 1-1 against each other.  The 2nd tiebreaker after the head to head records was each teams MVP.  Kevin from Team Rob moved them into the first seed for playoffs.  Jimmy of Team Emma was second(barely) with a 2 point differential.  Tara of team Crystal put them in the third seed but again, not by much.  Team Jimmy followed with a 3-2 record, Team Mike had a 1-4 record, and Team Troy was saving it's energy for the wildcard matchup at 0-5.  


Playoffs first round was Team Mike Vs. Team Crystal and Team Jimmy Vs. Team Troy.  The matchups played out as expected and both scores were close.  Team's Rob and Emma both had 1st round byes.  Team Crystal defeated Team Mike 110-95 and Team Jimmy beat Team Troy 98-70.

The 2nd round of PLAYOFFS was Team Emma  Vs. Team Jimmy and Team Crystal Vs. Team Rob.  This is where the scoring started getting out of hand.  Team Crystal Defeated Team Rob 175-154 and Team Emma Defeated Team Jimmy 177-132.  

The Championship Matchup was Team Emma Vs. Team Crystal.  There were a ton of points scored again this year in the championship.  Players from both teams were here putting in work up until the doors closed that Saturday.  A last minute sub in place of injury and travel, sadly was not enough to help Crystal win for her third year in a row.  Her team put forth a valiant effort.  Team Emma won 230-200( a crazy amount of points!). 

The MVP this year is Jimmy C of Team Emma.  Jimmy may have been at the studio more than me(Mike) during Fantasy Fitness.  He along with many others put in a ton of work and hopefully set up a healthy holiday season for themselves.  Congrats to everyone who took time out of their schedules this year and put in a little extra effort to their fitness routine and participated in this super fun program!

We will be presenting the trophies, belt, and bragging rights at the Winner Dinner next week, so stay tuned to our instagram and facebook page for pictures and updates.


Congrats to the winners:








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