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Fall Program: Fantasy Fitness

Sep 3, 2019


-Each team has X number of players(you) and one coach(one of the six trainers). We will also have a substitute/alternate player list to assist when one team has someone travelling or injured.

-There are 6 teams. Each week, for 5 weeks, your team will play another one of the 5 teams-versus style. Most points per team wins that match. If somehow there is a tie in points, the top scorers from each team will determine the winner, and if needed we will then move to a coaches challenge where the coaches will square off in some form of an exercise challenge agreed upon by the rest of the staff.

-At the end of the regular season, ALL teams will be re-seeded into a playoff tournament, winner take all

-The prize for winning the championship will be a Team Dinner at a restaurant TBD (Last year was J&K Steakhouse)

-We will raffle off prizes each week of the season, playoffs, and championship. So, even if your team has not made it to the championship, you still have incentive to work hard and score points! Score 14 points in any week and qualify for an entry to that week's prize raffle.

-If there are two teams that are tied for wins/losses at the conclusion of week 5, their head to head matchup from playing each other will determine their playoff seed ranking.

-If you are on the Free Agent/Subs list, you WILL be needed...possibly as soon as week one depending on other players schedules.

-To avoid coaches from stockpiling subs and keeping their players, the coaches must drop one player to the free agent list. (If you at all participated on a given team during the season, and that team wins the championship, you WILL be invited to the winner dinner.)

-Sometimes we have people join late after the season has started. Those players will go on the subs/free agent list for the week until they are added to a team. If you are on the subs list, you are still eligible for the weekly raffle-so score those points! The team with the worst record gets first dibs each week on who they want to pick up from the free agent list.

-Start date for the Regular Season is Monday September 23rd

-Playoffs Week 1- Monday October 28th

-Playoff Week 2 starts Monday November 4th

-Championship Week is Monday November 11th


-45 minute personal training or pack session = 6 points (touchdown)

-15 minutes cardio before or after a training/pack session = 1 point (extra point)

-30 minutes cardio before or after(or both) a training/pack session = 2 points (2 point conversion)

-45 minutes of cardio(not associated with a session) = 3 points (field goal)

***You have the option this year to log cardio by hand(like always), or use our Polar Coaching account to be able to do cardio outside the studio. There is one stipulation on the Polar Coaching account that will make it count towards cardio (Zone 2 effort or above for 35 of the 45 minutes).

-Social media challenges (facebook or instagram) will be offered 1x per week = 6 points

***Please note that this year, any social media challenges must be uploaded by the player's (you) account to receive credit.

Your personal total # of points for the week is then added to your teammates scores forming your teams' weekly total points (against your opponent team for that week)

Scoring FAQ:

Can I do 15 or 30 minutes of cardio without a training session and receive 1 or 2 points?


What is the scoring policy on 45 minutes of cardio immediately before or after a training session?

9 points (6 for the training and 3 for the 45 minutes of cardio), no double counting the extra point/two point conversion

Where do I log my cardio?

As always, we have a binder marked with your teams name set up on the bar in the main reception area. Log the type of activity, duration, the date and what week we are in.

Again, If you have Polar Flow, you don't have to do anything other than log the workout in realtime with your phone/device and we have access to it each week.

Where do I log my pack/training sessions?

No need, we will cross reference the schedule and do this for you.

Where can I find the social media challenge each week?

Facebook and Instagram and they will be posted 1x per week on Monday afternoons.


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