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Fall Member Program: Fantasy Fitness

Fall Member Program: Fantasy Fitness

Michael Heydt, B.S.

Here are the details for our program.  Space is limited, so sign up ASAP!

·       6 teams (Trainer coach)

·       5 week season (Each week new team match up)

·       Top 2 teams(W/L) play in Super bowl in week 6

        *Head to Head Tie Breaker

·       PT or Pack session = 6 points each (touchdown)

·       15 min. cardio pre or post workout = 1 point (extra point)

·       30 mins of pre or post cardio = 2 points (2 point conversion)

·       45 mins cardio standalone = 3 points (field goal)

·       3x/week social media fitness challenge post = 2 points each             (safety)

·       Tentative start date October 3rd – Nov. 6th  (regular season)

·       Super Bowl week Nov. 7th- 13th

·       Tie breakers each week are #1-top scorer from each team and        #2-lowest scorer from each team

(All activity must be done at FT except for social media challenge post)

*Winning Team Gets Dinner at J&K Steakhouse in Morristown*


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