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Difficult Tasks and Mindset

Difficult Tasks and Mindset

Michael Heydt B.S.

As personal trainers, we are more than just meat-head jocks, or bringers of muscular terror in the form of a 300 workout(this is torture even for a trainer).  We have been called psychiatrists, psychologist(don’t ask me what the difference of the two is), and motivators.  At some point or another, in a person’s time with any one of our trainers, they have all done what I like to call “mindset coaching.”  Getting someone to focus on the task at hand, in order to reach a goal of a larger magnitude.  I’ll give you a snippet of what one my favorite things to say to new members on the day they sign up…”You are paying good money to train here with us, do NOT sabotage your goals by eating crap!”  That is mindset coaching.  If I can get someone to put down a cookie and grab a piece of fruit instead, when they know they are paying out of pocket for personal training, then my job is halfway done.  This next little paragraph is the gasoline behind this blog’s fire, and why we do what we do at Fitness Together Morris Township.


We have just launched a challenge/contest that is pretty darn tough to complete.  176 miles of cardio (bike, elliptical, treadmill, rower) in 8 weeks.  Considering we are not even open on Sunday(more on that later), that is exactly 3 ⅔ miles all 6 days per week.  That’s tough for even our most “in-shape” clients, I know.  Leading up to the challenge, all we have heard from our participants is, “that’s crazy”, or “there’s no way”.  Trash, all head-trash, I say.  Especially considering certain concessions we’ve made, this is very attainable, even by going for a walk 1 time per day.  Think about how much more ready for the beach you will be, going into the height of summer!  The contest/challenge is called “Reach the Beach-OCMD” after all!  Instead of resorting to negative thoughts when some difficult task comes along, we can look through the task to the finale, and use that vision to drive us and motivate us.  Most importantly, IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE HARD.  Nothing is given to you in life.  You must take it!   I want to leave you with two very powerful quotes that you can use for this contest, or use them in your daily life to help drive you to work hard, when you don’t want to.


“You are more powerful than you think you are...act accordingly.” -Seth Godin

I heard this quote on a podcast a few weeks back, and I literally stopped my 4 mile jog and thought about it.  It impacted me greatly.  I subconsciously was already following this mantra, but to put something like that in words...well that’s empowerment.  Any time you are feeling self doubt creep up, say this quote.  The words alone will make you want to climb Mt. Everest, or surf a giant wave in Hawaii, or skydive out of a small rinky-dink plane(you get the idea).  Two weeks into this competition, when you have only amassed 36 some odd miles and you are feeling like giving up and giving in, say these words.


“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.” -Norman Vincent Peale

I really, REALLY like this quote specifically for any doubt about finishing this challenge.  Here’s why: even if you don’t finish the 176 miles, the reason we did an assessment on you is to track your body composition before and after an increase in activity.  If you didn’t hit the 176 miles, but you lost 2% bodyfat and 12lbs...wouldn’t you still be happy?  It is called “Reach the Beach” after all, and who doesn’t want to put a bathing suit on after losing 12 lbs and 2% bodyfat?


Lets try approaching difficult tasks with a positive mindset and you might look back and say, “Jeez, how did I just do that?!”


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