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Basted Grilled Chicken

Basted Grilled Chicken

Michael Heydt

Short back story...

My father in law likes to joke and say that my taste-buds are that of a garbage can because I'll eat any food.  He once said I would eat bugs (side note: I would try bugs if they were covered in chocolate...or bacon...or Adobo).  However, there is one type of food I get so incredibly sick of because we have it ALL THE TIME, and it always tastes the same: grilled chicken.  Yes it's healthy, I know-I know.  But cooking chicken without breading, cheese, and sauce just doesn't seem to do it justice anymore for me.  So when we decided to have a super healthy meal of grilled chicken, salad, and corn on the cob this past Saturday, something had to be done...and then we ran out of Frank's RedHot.  My usual butter and Frank's RedHot baste would not be happening so I whipped up this little gem using four ingredients...Please try it, you will not be disappointed!


-1/4 Cup of Liquid Smoke

-1 Stick of butter OR 3 heaping tablespoons of clarified butter(ghee)

-1/4 Cup Sriracha

-1/4 Cup Worcestershire sauce


Add those ingredients to a small sauce pan and bring to a simmer on low.  Stir well with a brush, and then grill your chicken on medium while basting each side twice.



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