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(Evil) Trainer Tips: Sabotage Your Healthy Vacation

(Evil) Trainer Tips: Sabotage Your Healthy Vacation

Michael Heydt

You just spent the last couple months prepping your body for the beach or trip, and while on vacation the temptations creep in at all times of day.  Follow these tips to ruin all of the fantastic results you have gotten, in just under two weeks - results guaranteed!


1. Drink alcohol all day

We've all had THAT vacation at some all you can eat/drink resort or cruise where you start breakfast with a bloody mary, then continue the fun with a sugary island rum drink, beers for lunch, cocktails before dinner, then whatever is the special drink of the day that comes with a free glass.  It's very easy to consume enough calories for a small village just from your drinks alone.  Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and allows you to eat more quantity and less quality of the foods you should be eating to maintain that beach bod!


2. Don't drink water

Piggy-backing off of #1 here.  Not drinking water on vacation because you're too busy drinking booze or soda, seriously dehydrates you and puts you at risk of all kinds of fun heat stroke.  (90 degree days + 0 Water = heat exhaustion and heat exhaustion + 0 water = heat stroke)  Cool stuff, sign me up!


3. Snack on chips and pretzels throughout the day

This is a great way to carb load just before a day of inactivity laying on the beach(see the sarcasm there?).  You would be surprised at how many calories you could eat if presented with a big bag of chips or pretzels and nothing to do.  You'd probably eat the whole thing!  C'mon, you know you would.


4. Go for ice cream every night

Little kids deserve treats on vacation...and you are not a little kid.  One of my fondest memories of childhood vacation is going to Dumser's Dairy Land in Ocean City, Md. We would go a couple times while there and I'd always get one of their thick milkshakes.  I also grew up to be a 320lb offensive lineman.  Don't eat like a 320lb offensive lineman (in my best DirectTV commercial voice).  You don't need the extra calories right before bed!


5. Skip Exercise

Going an entire week (or two) without exercise won't kill you.  BUT, exercising a couple days will help off-set all of the extra calories that many of us, myself included, will intake while on vacation.  One of the best things you can do is start each day off with a walk or jog on the beach.

-Our personal trainers are more than willing to help sit down and devise a vacation program with you, so that you can stay in shape while out of town!  All you have to do is ASK!


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