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The hardest part is getting started: take the first step

The hardest part is getting started:
take the first step

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Our comprehensive fitness program begins with a no strings attached free consultation to determine if we are the right fit for you. If we are, we’ll get the ball rolling on some fantastic results.

Personal Training in Morris Plains

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Ever wonder why killing yourself in the weight room, buying the latest greatest diet book, or waking up early to get your morning run in may help you feel like you're getting in better shape - but still falls short? That’s because you need the right strength, cardio and nutrition approaches all working together. Our proprietary systems work in harmony, utilizing the most current science for a complete fitness solution*:

Aspire 8 resistance training program utilizes personal assessments, functional cross-muscular training approaches, and periodization techniques to change things up for continued results.**

Cardio Together offers a customized cardio prescription that combines fartlek, interval, and tempo workouts with a focus on exercise frequency, intensity, duration and progression to help achieve maximum results.**

Nutrition Together offers an educational and accountability framework to improve your eating lifestyle. By eating the right foods, the right portions and the right frequency, along with our other programs the results can be truly amazing.**

**not all programs are available at all locations

  • "Geared to my individual needs and abilities. Friendly, capable and patient personnel. "   ― B. D.

  • "The friendly and professional staff. Ability to readjust exercises for an occasional difficulty."   ― B. D.

  • "I get sessions at times that work well with my varying schedule. My trainer is excellent. I think we have a pretty good rapport."   ― K. A.

  • "The trainers are wonderful. Working you to the best of your abilities and changing exercises to work around your limitations."   ― M. D.

  • "Customized personal service and excellent facilities."   ― D. B.

  • "Great company with a great team!"   ― M. A.

  • "Customized workouts that deliver results Friendly trainers Easy scheduling"   ― S. S.

  • "The trainers work with to reach your potential with injury "   ― M. D.

  • "I’m a big fan of “ customer service” and they get that here. Personalized training, regular assessments, and skilled trainers. I was recently on vacation in Costa Rica and was excited to paddle board 30 minutes out, snorkel for an hour, and paddle board back in. I’m 65 and I know that my training with Fitness Together helped me to be able to have, and enjoy, that experience. "   ― B. O.

  • "My trainer, Mike, is very professional. Does a good job dialing in exercises to be challenging, but doable. I look forward to sessions and felt great afterwards."   ― K. A.

  • "Everything. Great staff, great program!"   ― M. A.

  • "Personal attention and excellent facilities."   ― D. B.

  • "I love the personalized training and the variety of programs! Fitness Together is flexible which works with my lifestyle. "   ― L. M.

  • "Great staff, highly energetic and proficient!"   ― R. T.

  • "My trainers work with me for the best workout. They adapt the workouts when I need them to, but never hesitate to push me that extra push as well. "   ― B. O.

  • "The Fitness Together staff is amazing! They helped me set my goals and planned routines that are geared to my capabilities, they encourage me and praise me for my accomplishments, and they show that they genuinely care about me and my well-being. Having a trainer right next to me to make sure I am performing the moves properly and with the correct weight eases the fear of injuring myself. I used to dread going to the gym but now, I look forward to going to Fitness Together."   ― G. H.

  • "The trainers help push you to try harder"   ― M. D.

  • "Personal service, expert and friendly staff, clean and well-equipped facility, flexible scheduling and access. "   ― D. B.

  • "The trainers are really knowledgeable and motivating! "   ― A. F.

  • "1:1 training at its best. Tailored to my needs and goals. "   ― V. M.

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