The hardest part is getting started: take the first step

The hardest part is getting started:
take the first step

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  • "I love the fun, friendly atmosphere and fantastic trainers that give you a great customized workout!"   ― C. H.

  • "Good group to work out with and motivate me. "   ― G. F.

  • "Each trainer is very professional and personable. They understand each client and treat each one individually."   ― T. E.

  • "I like that I'm being pushed. Most importantly, I like that you all stay connected with what I'm doing or not doing. It makes me feel like not just my trainer, Joey, but Brian and Heather also know where I'm at and what I need to he doing. It's nice that you all stay connected on what I'm doing."   ― K. L.

  • "The team is knowledgeable about the mechanics of my workout. It all has purpose and I learn how to do it correctly. Information to last a lifetime. And just as important they can all carry a “ tune “. "   ― M. V.

  • "I have been a client at Fitness Together Mooresville for 9 years. When I started I was really overweight and miserable. Very soon I felt so much better, like I got my life back. I have been through lots of trainers over the years and every one of them challenged me to work harder than I ever thought I could. I have also been through different orthopedic issues(not caused by working out) and the trainers worked with me to get back to my best ability. I enjoy working out with everyone at FT and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for health and wellness. Nutrition is a big part of the FT philosophy too!!"   ― B. O.

  • "Very personal service"   ― J. C.

  • "Friendly and personal attention"   ― C. N.

  • "Cody is excellent. Very customized and is focused on my individual progress. "   ― F. F.

  • "I enjoy the customized workouts with friendly, knowledgeable trainers that encourage me to be a stronger, healthier me! "   ― C. H.

  • "The one on one with a physical trainer is unreal! The routine is never boring and everyone has the best personality to work with. "   ― J. R.

  • "Uplifting atmosphere, friendly staff, workouts catered to my needs and desires, and combination of working out as well as nutritional guides. "   ― H. W.

  • "The staff is always friendly and supportive.And keeps up with reaching my goals and needs.They are the best !!! Especially Lesley."   ― N. W.

  • "I started with weakness in my legs and hips due to years of compensating for a bad hip. After several months of a consistent exercise routine and diligent monitoring of my progress I can say that I have seen measurable improvement. What I love most is the continuous focus and consistent attention to my goal which was to be able to walk normally."   ― T. S.

  • "Your workouts are pre-planed and tailored for your needs and abilities. The staff is very knowledgeable and very helpful!"   ― W. F.

  • "FT is a great place to go to get yourself in shape and to learn how best to accomplish this. The staff treats each client with dignity and respect. They will work with you at FT to determine what you want to achieve and then make a plan to help you achieve those desired results. You will feel good about yourself, and you will be glad you made the decision to get started! Will Fanjoy"   ― W. F.

  • "I am very pleased with how my trainer is so focused, at every session, on what my body needs are. She reevaluates me on a regular basis so she can see clearly how my body has reacted and whether it has improved my posture, any aches I might have had and correction of favoring one side over another. My trainer also keeps in touch with my diet and it’s effect on how ai feel. My training varies so that I am focusing on realignment, strength and balance. FT is a great place to train and everyone is very friendly and wants us to succeed!"   ― L. S.

  • "Incorporate a total health solution. Work hard on the culture....finding the right trainers."   ― E. E.

  • "Great personal service! "   ― J. C.

  • "Initially shaping up>>>Lifestyle change>>>>Maintence "   ― J. J.

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