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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Mindy Chapman

I belonged to a fancy health club for two years but only went a handful of times. No one ever noticed that I didn't show up. And, when I did, I was hounded by "personal trainers" trying to sell me personal training packages. I also never really knew how to use all the equipment safely and in different ways to maximize results. I would watch other members use the health club's equipment and mimic them. So, you can imagine how surprised I was to eventually learn that I was exercising in a way that could cause me harm to my back and neck. In January 2012, I decided it would be better to have a real educated and certified professional trainer to make me accountable for my exercise program and guide me to reach my goals. Fitness Together (FT) far, far, far exceeded my expectations. I have lost 30 pounds in nine months and have dropped five dress sizes.* That was faster and 30 pounds more than I lost during my whole two years at the health club. The exercises that I do make me tone, strong and balanced. Alex, the owner, is warm and friendly and is always following my progress on a personal basis even though he is not my trainer. My professional trainer, Vlad, is outstanding because not only is he a very experienced personal trainer but he is extremely well versed in real nutrition and together these two new paths were a real game changer for me. Specifically, my weight stalled for a few weeks and Vlad asked me to kept a simple three-day food journal. He analyzed it and told me that while I was eating my 26 Weight Watcher points (I joined WW on my own) none of the foods were nutritious and satiating to satisfy my appetite. I was eating fat-free frozen yogurt, bags of "low-calorie" popcorn and prepared boxed foods. Those "foods" were filled with sugar that made me crave more sugar and man-made products that were not nutritious to strengthen and repair my body. Vlad encouraged me to read two books (that he did not author and FT does not sell) and that simple education changed my eating style forever more. Prior to FT, I thought exercise was getting off the couch and going to bed. Now, I exercise three times a week. I must say that in the nine months I have never repeated the same exercise routine even once. They have so many ways to use the equipment that you cannot possibly get bored. And unlike the health club, you don't pay a trainer to watch you run on the treadmill or cycle (while they are looking for new clients to sign up for personal training packages). All the FT trainers stay right with you, watching and guiding you to make sure you are in proper form to maximize your efforts and that you are doing it safely to prevent any injuries. They actually have a personalized planned routine ready for you every time you walk in the door and you will be able to immediately see results as your body is quickly toning up. Friends and family cannot recognize me today because of how much my face and body have changed.* The exercises are "functional" meaning that they actually apply to activities I do every day like carrying, lifting and bending. I travel a lot for work and FT has given me greater stamina to do more, for longer periods. FT also offers a free initial assessment where they really assess your current abilities and future capabilities. In sharp contrast, the health club just offered me a free pass to walk around by myself and use the equipment. A few last points. I am not related to any one at FT. FT does not sell any products (so I never have to be worried about trying to say "no" or caving in and buying anything I don't need or want). Ironically, I asked FT to sign up, they never asked me to sign up. Alex picks all the FT trainers (and he is very picky) so they are all highly qualified and I have worked with all of them. They really mean it; you experience Fitness Together! And, it is painless and profound!!

After *

George Russell

I am most happy with the fitness improvement and the loss of weight from my work with Alex Mueller of Fitness Together of Lake Forest. In February 2007, I was the heaviest ever after a too enjoyable cruise after which I began a bet with a friend with a goal for each of us to lose 10% of our body weight by May. In order to improve my prospects, I surveyed all of the training studios in town and chose FT because of their personal approach. Over that period, Alex provided the wise professional counsel and the strong encouragement at our three times weekly workouts. He also encouraged extra cardio-physical work on the other days.

The result was that I lost 23 pounds and won the bet!*

I have continued to work with Alex because I enjoy the sense of accomplishment and the team spirit in the FT studio. We work together to set and achieve ever lower weight targets and improved fitness. In addition, my wife Judy has begun to work with FT and we enjoy training at the same time in adjacent studios. Our trainers assesses our body configuration and conditioning regularly so that we can see our progress. I am now at 195 pounds with well above average fitness, and have a final goal for 190 pounds.*

I have never considered myself a fit person but I now look forward to exercising regularly and eating healthily. This transformation is due in large part to the friendly people and professional approach of Fitness Together.

Robert Weis

If you are looking for a personal trainer that will give you the highest probability of meeting your fitness goals, Fitness Together will provide exactly that. In the 11/2 years I have been training with Alex at Fitness Together I have accomplished more than I thought possible. He has designed a fitness program that has helped me lose weight, lower my blood pressure, eliminate my lower back pain and dramatically improve my overall fitness.* In fact last October I completed the Chicago Marathon with the help and motivation of Alex with very little previous running experience.

Rob Ann Stein

This Letter is to let you know the positive experience that I had at Fitness Together Lake Forest.

Thanks to Zak Rivera, my personal trainer, my flexibility, strength and endurance have increased and my weight loss has been jump started.* Zak brought knowledge, caring, enthusiasm, and great preparation to each training session. He turned a rank beginner into someone who enjoyed training. He seemed to know exactly how to maximize my efforts and motivate me. Zak knew when to be a hard task master and yet was able to keep me laughing through even the most strenuous training exercises. I always felt he was rooting for me. There was never a moment when I was bored because with each session something new was added.

All of the staff were upbeat, welcoming and extremely friendly.

I am proud of what I achieved and thank Zak and Fitness Together for making it possible.

Rob Ann

Cathy Lynch

I have been a regular client for the past three years. I am also a woman of a certain age who wants those exercise regimens that offer me an all around program so that I do not have to worry whether I am using the proper weights, performing exercises properly and safely. This is where the personal trainers at FT customize my sessions developed for my age group. I know that I do not have to concern myself with what weights, reps, or muscles that need attention. My trainer does it for me. I can relax knowing that my exercise needs have been accomplished each week. I also know that all the trainers are qualified to teach me what I need to know with regard to exercise health and dietary needs.

Nan L.

I started training at Fitness Together a year ago in April, shortly after its opening. Before, I was overweight and lethargic. I didn't seem to have energy. I discussed my goals with my trainer, and started to train on a regular basis. My trainer, Alex Mueller, made my workouts both fun and satisfying. I started to see progress within a very short time. I made remarkable progress because the progress was so tangible. I lost weight,changed my eating habits, and realized that even though I had never worked out before I could nonetheless get myself back into great shape.* The stronger I got, the more motivated became, and thanks to Alex's patience and encouragement,I know that I will continue to improve my quality of life.

Fitness Together is all about motivation. It is about very special relationship between me and my trainer. He is as committed to my goals as much as I am. Thanks to Alex and Fitness Together I am happier and healthier than I have been in a long time. I know that regular exercise is essential to both my physical and mental wellbeing.

This has been a life altering experience for me, and I recommend Fitness Together to anyone at any age who wants to do something to make themselves both happier and healthier.

Ed Wynn

I'm 50+ and I've been training at FT for 2 years. It's made a huge difference in my health, enabling me to achieve unbelievable fitness goals: I lost 40 pounds (so far), reduced total cholesterol to 145 (60 HDL), and decreased body fat by 10 percentage points.* Also thanks to FT's trainers, I was also able to achieve some longstanding fitness goals: a 220-mile bike ride to Door County last summer, and a 305 mile (3-day ride) to Mackinac Island this summer.* Without exception, each of the trainers is extraordinary, not only professionally, but also personally. (Alex, the owner, has a keen eye for talent.) They take a genuine interest in their clients and their goals, pushing you to achieve those goals with the right balance of encouragement and persistence, while making training enjoyable. The atmosphere at the studio is superb: everyone is very supportive of each other, not competitive or "super-athlete" pretentious. So, no matter what shape your in and no matter what hesitations you might have about starting a training program, if you want to get in shape in an encouraging and supportive environment, FT is the place for you.

Martha Zeeman

I have been working out at FT for a little over 2 years and it has made a huge difference in my life. I have never been stronger or felt better.* The thing that I love most about FT is that I always do something different so it keeps me coming back for more. Every time I reach a goal, a new challenge is thrown in my path. Prior to FT I never had fitness goals and now I have an endless list of things I'd like to accomplish. I usually work with the same trainer but I have worked out with all of the trainers and been challenged by all of them. I have also enjoyed getting to know some new people that I see regularly. It's great to hear about all the goals others have achieved as well.