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Pounds for a Purpose

Jul 6, 2013

We are proud to announce our participation in the Pounds for a Purpose program this year! Whether you have been stuck in a weight loss rut or just beginning your journey, this can become a powerful catalyst for change. This program will allow us to change people’s lives on a multitude of levels. We will empower people to change their bodies and improve their health while building the community around us. The community changes will come through a program called Spirit of 67 that we will be working with.

Clients begin this program by pledging their participation between July 16 through August 20. In this time period, every pound of weight loss is accompanied by a $1 donation to the Spirit of 67. Clients are also able to match the donation to better empower the community around them. Participants will work with their trainers to ensure that the program fits their lifestyle needs in a comprehensive way. There will be discussion on matters of nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, and of course, exercise.

We are very excited to start this program and are currently accepting participants. Signup sheets are in the studio and all trainers are happy to discuss and explain the program more thoroughly. Help us to keep our brand promise of “changing people’s lives.”

Call us today to get started at 847-283-6060 or visit us at


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