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Boost Your Golf Game With Help From Fitness Together

May 6, 2013

Golfers are some of the best all around athletes in the world. They possess amazing precision, control, and power. This is exemplified in major tournaments and recreational weekend play. No matter what your level or experience in golf, a well designed strength and conditioning program can be a huge boost to how much fun and success you have on the course. It can also keep you pain free and playing throughout your life. How can we at Fitness Together Lake Forest help your golf game? Read on to find out three ways!

Injury Prevention. With the maximum power and hip torque that golfers regularly exhibit in a well performed swing, there is a heightened chance of injury. Driving joint surfaces and ligaments through such high demands can be tough for any athlete. A great training program decreases injury risks by allowing the athlete to have full mobility and range of motion in all joints, which can allow the golf club to be moved through even more ranges of motion. Along with this mobility, stability is built so that wherever the golfer and the club find themselves, the body is stable and able to withstand the forces and transfer them efficiently into the ball. Training also improves motor control and coordination which are crucial in golf skills like putting, which force one to use the right amount of tension, relaxation, and muscle firing.

Performance enhancement. While injury prevention training can take a golf athlete much of the way to improved performance, there are further steps that a strength and conditioning professional can take. Improving strength and power in major muscle groups throughout the body that are specific to golf can carry over very well into driving distance and power. Much of the strength and power training is also done to improve the postures and positions of the body which can improve total power output. Golf is a game that is played for multiple hours and for many repeated days in a row. For a sport like this, endurance becomes a major factor. Being able to endure the rigors of the game and also keep power output consistently high from the first to the last holes are the major benefits of our well designed training program.

Longevity. What good is power and injury prevention if you can’t use it to actually play the game you love? Our training principles and methods do well to improve your longevity, meaning you can play until you are 105. We do this by individualizing and tailoring the program specifically to each person. This program finds your weaknesses and improves them while cementing your strengths even further. We also understand the demands that playing the game itself has on the body so specific recovery strategies are implemented like foam rolling, mobility exercises, and deep breathing.

As you have read the ways we at Fitness Together Lake Forest can help your golf game, you have seen that we have a comprehensive and integrated approach. We look at each person as an individual and design the best program for them specifically. Try our new 8 week training program and skyrocket your golf game to great heights! Contact us today to schedule a free one-on-one professional consultation.



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