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Aspire 8 Program Released

Nov 10, 2010

How Hard Should You Exercise?

Fitness Together of Knoxville introduces Aspire 8 to further customize each client’s fitness program

 KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – (Nov. 8, 2010) – When it comes to exercising, not all workouts are the same.  And that’s just the way Fitness Together wants it.  

The four Fitness Together studios in the area, located at Northshore Dr. & Pellissippi Parkway, Hardin Valley, Farragut, and Bearden, are part of the leading franchise network of one-on-one personal training, specializes in tailoring workouts for each and every client’s abilities, needs and goals.  The science of crafting the right fitness routine just got better.  The company recently unveiled Aspire 8, a proprietary program that will guide the studio’s personal trainers as they match each client’s aspirations to a custom fitness program designed to meet clients at their current fitness level and progressively move them forward.

“If we have 60 clients, there will be 60 tailored workouts in one-on-one sessions at our private studio with a personal trainer,” say Andrew Henderson and Craig Collier, owners of the Fitness Together franchises.  “That’s the individual attention that gets results, pushes clients to excel, and takes the routine out of a fitness routine.”

The Aspire 8 program was released nationwide to Fitness Together studios in July.  The system will help Fitness Together trainers classify each client into one of four training zones based on their current fitness level. Then, the personal trainer will work with the client individually to build a customized program designed to progressively move that client toward higher levels of fitness. The workouts will continue to evolve and adapt to the levels of improved health and fitness for each individual client ensuring that they continue to improve.

 “The Aspire 8 program evolves with a Fitness Together client who is increasingly getting in better shape,” Henderson and Collier added.  “It addresses the age-old question: How come I work out all the time but don’t lose weight?”

 The results-oriented approach to exercising is one reason Fitness Together continues to excel as a growing national chain.  And Henderson and Collier expect the Aspire 8 program to keep loyal Knoxville customers coming back, turning many into clients for life.

 “We approach health and fitness as a lifestyle, and our personal trainers and fitness studio play an incredibly important role in the lives of clients,” Henderson and Collier added.  “We’re not a volume business that focuses on dues versus usage.  We’re about a very high level of service for people in Knoxville who want real results that will last. We make the most of their valuable time each and every session in a way they won’t get anywhere else.  The Aspire 8 program will take that to the next level.”

 For more information about Fitness Together in the Knoxville area go to http://fitnesstogether.com/knoxville.

About Fitness Together Holdings, Inc.:

Based in Highlands Ranch, Colo., Fitness Together Holdings, Inc., is one of the world’s largest wellness organizations. The parent company oversees Fitness Together Franchise Corporation, http://fitnesstogether.com, a one-on-one personal training fitness franchisor established in 1983 that began franchising in 1996.  In 2010, Fitness Together launched Nutrition Together, a nutrition and weight loss counseling program for their clients.  Fitness Together Franchise Corporations also oversees Elements Therapeutic Massage, Inc., http://corp.touchofelements.com, a massage therapy franchisor that began franchising in 2006. Today, the combined franchise network has hundreds of franchises sold across the United States, Costa Rica, Brazil, Israel, Ireland, and Canada.

Franchise Information:

Fitness Together and Elements Therapeutic Massage are each actively selling franchises. If you are interested in changing your life and the lives of others, please visit http://fitnesstogether.com/franchise/ and http://corp.touchofelements.com/franchise/ or call 877.663.0880 ext. 10 for more information about franchise opportunities.