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Corporate Wellness with Fitness Together

Sep 15, 2010

Would you like to decrease health care costs and absenteeism, increase productivity, and provide a healthier, happier work environment for your staff? If a corporate wellness program makes sense for your company then Fitness Together has a program for you.  Below is a menu of programs we currently offer.  Contact Fitness Together at 865-249-7630 or 865-357-8663 to see how we can take your “Desk Junkies” to the Finish Line!!

Health and Fitness Breakfasts and Lunches

Get motivated and learn about current tips to help your team get fit and live well! A Certified Personal Trainer will present to your staff at your location over a healthy meal.

Some topics include:

Weight Loss Fact and Fiction

Making Time for Exercise

Stress Relief Techniques

 Desk Junkie to Finish Line

Get healthy and build teamwork among your colleagues!

 A six-week program ending with an ultimate fitness challenge.

Get Started Gift Pack

Initial and Final fitness evaluations including comprehensive reports

6-week workout program

Breakfast or Lunch Fitness and Nutrition Seminar Weekly Motivational Trainer Tips

Ultimate Fitness Challenge (5K run/walk, Guided hike or bike ride, or any other event you can imagine!)

Biggest Loser

We will take your staff to new levels of fitness!! This 6-week program is designed to inspire weight loss, educate healthy eating habits, and encourage lifestyle modification for success!

Get Started Gift Pack

Initial and Final fitness evaluations including comprehensive reports

Weekly weigh-in and body composition testing

6-week Cardio, Strength and Flexibility program

Fitness Breakfast or Lunch Seminar and Weekly Motivational Trainer Tips

Putting it all Together” – Rewards Ceremony and Wrap-up 

All packages include one Free personal training session for each participant at Fitness Together and $100 off any package of 24 sessions or more!!