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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.


Focused on Improving Her Health and Lowering A1C Levels

After receiving news that she was at-risk for Type-2 Diabetes, Claire began a fitness program with Fitness Together and she improved her health and fitness over a five-month period. Claire pushed herself even further by running her first 5k and adopting a healthy lifestyle.


Found Fun in Fitness & Inreased Energy Levels

Bonnie couldn’t find a workout program worth sticking to until she found Fitness Together. The training staff kept her motivated and she finally found herself having fun working out. Now she’s looking and feeling her best.


Found Time for His Health & Fitness In His Busy Schedule

As a business owner, Mike was struggling to find time for his health and fitness. Fitness Together provided accountability and support to help him reach his goals, and created a customized plan to fit his schedule.