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Improve Your Weight Loss Luck with 3 Fat-Burning Exercises

Mar 17, 2022

Exercise, paired with a balanced, nutritious diet, can be the key to weight loss, while also benefiting your body’s overall health. In fact, fat-burning exercises improve your attitude, strengthen your bones, and ward off so many preventable and chronic health conditions (like diabetes).

Fat-burning exercises are beneficial when your waistline is worrying you, but they don’t need to be over-complicated or cumbersome. Some of the simplest measures may burn the most calories in the long run. Here are just three to discuss with your trainer:

  • Jogging and/or running: Experts have suggested that jogging and/or running helps us burn belly fat in a big way. Not only is this type of fat one of the most common, the most unattractive, and the most convincing when it comes to initiating a personal training program, but it is also one of the most harmful, by far. Belly – or visceral – fat is linked to illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. A brisk pace between 4–6 mph for a jog, or over 6 mph when running) can do wonders for that excess stomach weight. And while springtime sunshine can be encouraging for a daily jaunt, a few reps on your personal trainer’s treadmill will also do the trick – and may even be easier on your leg joints.
  • Cycling: While springtime undoubtedly sees the neighborhood kids back out in force on their 10-speeds, exercise enthusiasts can put the pedal to the metal and enjoy one of the most effective fat-burning exercises around with a trip to their fitness center’s stationary bike. And here’s why: it’s estimated that the average 155-pound individual can burn up to 260 calories in just a half-hour of moderate cycling on a stationary machine. That’s a pretty darn good return on your investment. Additionally, cycling is a great entry-level workout, while also perfect for the trained pro. It’s versatile, low impact, and accessible whether you’re at the studio or enjoying the great outdoors.
  • Weight training: Surprise – not only can lifting weights help you lose weight – regular implementation with your regimen may actually be integral to the fat-burning process. While the common ideology remains that cardio is the fat-burning king, weight training helps to build strong muscles, and muscles burn more calories at rest. Ultimately, this boosts your resting metabolism, which is the rate at which your body burns calories at complete rest. Studies have also shown that our bodies continue to burn calories for hours after we’ve stopped exercising.

Fitness Together Ellicott City can help you get started with these workouts and other fat-burning exercises. We offer a complimentary evaluation where our certified trainers learn about your goals, review your health history, and take you through a mini-workout so we have the information we need to begin building your customized program. Contact us to set up your evaluation today.


Schedule a complimentary fit evaluation so we can get to know you and your goals and build you a customized training program to reach them.