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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Amy Stahley

Associate Dean of Nursing at Davenport University

I have been with Fitness Together for 4 years. When I began this journey my goals were strengthening, toning, and weight loss. Preston has been my constant supporter; appropriately pushing me to move the needle a bit further with every workout when my fitness levels improved. From September 2019, to today’s date, I have lost 60 lbs. My road to achieve these goals did not come without struggle, a struggle in the sense of experiencing a knee and shoulder injury, knee replacement, surgeries for breast cancer followed by chemotherapy and radiation. All of these reasons could have been excuses to end my fitness journey. Instead, Preston developed workouts tailored to what I could handle post-injury, post-surgeries, and especially the day after chemo!! I feel fortunate that FT has offered virtual workouts for I continue to take advantage of this option due to the pandemic and a post chemo patient. Thank you Fitness Together/Preston for always keeping me and my various hiccups and limitations your number one focus, but yet, we are able to GET IT DONE day in and day out!!!

Mike W.

Mike is the CEO of a large financial company. This requires a constant demand of his time and energy. Mike appreciates the flexibility that Fitness Together provides with his schedule so he can get in his workouts and stay motivated. By focusing on his health and fitness, it allows him to keep up with his 3 kids and their sports activities!

Bonnie W.

Bonnie has been a client with Fitness Together since 2010. She loves the accountability, so even when she can’t make it to her session, her training is still checking on her and keeping her on track! Not only does Bonnie come in for her training sessions, but her daughter and son have come in for sport specific training. With 3 kids, volunteering at school, and a hectic schedule Bonnie enjoys the increased energy and decreased stress that FT gives her!*

Ford Kieft
Training at Fitness Together *

Ford Kieft

President & CEO of Select Bank

Since working with a personal trainer at Fitness Together I have noticed an increase in my energy level and stamina. I was able to complete my first 5k run. My trainer has helped me understand the long term health benefits of exercise as well as increasing my knowledge of proper training and health habits for life.

Matt Becker

Partner in an Accounting Firm

My experience at Fitness Together has allowed me to accomplish balance in my life. With a busy career and a family, getting regular and appropriate exercise can be very difficult. Fitness Together provides me with a structured exercise schedule, accountability, and efficient use of the time I spend exercising. Fitness Together helps me keep fitness a priority in my life, and thus allows me to be a healthier person. My overall fitness has improved significantly. I have lowered my body fat percentage from 22% to 10%, increased my strength, and increased my cardiovascular capacity.* Yes, the personal trainers at Fitness Together have helped me lose weight and look better, but the best part of being more fit has been that I simply feel better and this has a positive impact on all aspects of my life.

After *


100 Pounds in 13 months!

It was Labor Day weekend in 2008 when I found myself out of breath while hiking up a sand dune at Hoffmaster State Park. Returning home that weekend, I weighed myself and saw the dial of our old-fashioned scale top-out at over 300 pounds. I was stunned and given my family’s history of heart disease, shocked into action. My family strongly encouraged me to start a weight-loss regimen which began in September 2008 when I walked into Weight Watchers. I started enthusiastically and began tracking my weight and diet using a set of online tools. I lost weight through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, and entered the new year well. When I hit forty pounds of weight loss on diet alone I began to slow down and saw that I was hitting a plateau, so I met with my doctor, went through a complete cardiac work-up and visited a number of gyms to see what program would be best for me.

I started with Andrea at Fitness Together in downtown Grand Rapids in March of 2009 and began to see results almost immediately. At the start of November 2009, I have hit the 100 pound mark for my weight loss.* My waist has gone from a 48 to a 34 pants size.* At my last evaluation I ran a mile, which I have never done before. And when I went camping at Lake Michigan a few weeks ago, I ran up the sand dune without ever feeling out of breath.

I have never been in athletics. I have never worked out. I am a computer geek by background and own my own business where I travel a great deal. The plan that Andrea has put together for me has taught me how to workout properly and have a degree of physical confidence when I exercise all the while pushing me into new activities. She makes it fun and adds many new elements to my training regimen to keep it interesting. She has put together routines for me to follow when I am using a hotel workout facility.

Everyday, I have people ask me about how I have lost weight. I get great compliments from family and friends as it is hard not to notice that one third of me has disappeared in the last year. It has taken a ton of work, but I firmly believe that it would not have been possible by dieting alone.

This past summer my wife and I went to Hawaii for our 25th wedding anniversary. I kayaked, snorkeled, wave boarded, and when I hiked a volcanic crater, I was able to handle the 450 foot climb out of the crater easily. That made all of the work worthwhile.

Thanks Fitness Together!

Claire G.

Claire has 3 children and is an executive at a major world-wide company. Even with this and traveling a lot for work, she still finds time to exercise with Fitness Together. She comes in 3 times a week faithfully ever since her doctor expressed concerns over her health. Since then, she has lowered her A1C, decreased her number of migraines and her stress levels.* Claire’s trainer helps her not only get her workouts at FT, but also to hold her accountable outside of FT. Claire now runs 2-3x/week on her own!

Kristy Becker

Treasury Manager, Universal Forest Products

Fitness Together has significantly improved my muscle tone. In 8 months, I have reduced my body fat percentage by almost 7 percent!* I consider this a significant improvement with a minimal commitment of 2 training sessions/week. I am in the best shape of my life! I never thought I would say that at age 33 after having 2 children. The variety and intensity of exercises the Fitness Together trainers prepare are unparalleled. I would never be able to replicate the workouts on my own and certainly wouldn’t have a team of trainers encouraging me and helping me achieve my personal goals. They truly have a vested interest in my personal success.

Michele Suchovsky

Executive Director VSA Michigan- Grand Rapids

When I started going to Fitness Together, I knew that I needed a change. I didn’t feel strong or healthy. I was simply sick and tired of being sick and tired. I knew that I wanted to change something, but I didn’t know what or how. So when I started, I made a commitment for 20 sessions and had pretty low expectations of what to expect for myself. I was amazed at the changes that I made in myself. The trainers teach you how to use the equipment and stay by your side throughout the entire work out. They give me attainable goals, keep me motivated and accountable. And it’s actually fun to exercise! Now it is the Tuesday/ Thursday morning appointments that I never break. Fitness Together gets me started, keeps me going and helps me to succeed!

Nadine Klein

Contract Attorney, Enforcement Division City of Grand Rapids Department of Law

I have had a weight problem for most of my adult life. I have, in the past been able to lose weight, but I have not able to keep the weight off. I started coming to Fitness Together after I lost a substantial amount of weight because I wanted to keep the weight off, regain my muscle strength and tone problem areas. I have been coming to FT for over one year now and have been able to keep off most of the weight I lost (although there have been ups and downs).

I believe the main reason I have been successful this time is because with FT, you are held accountable. When you have a set appointment with a specific person, you have to show up. You can’t say – “I’m a little tired, or busy, I’ll just go to the gym tomorrow.” Your trainer also works with you on your specific goals. Having to answer to her and having her there to encourage and assist me in reaching my goals has been a huge factor in my success. I would recommend FT to anyone who wants this time to be the last time.

After *

Kim Todoroff

My overall goal when coming to Fitness Together was to lose weight. I wasn't happy fitting into my "bigger" jeans anymore. Walking up a flight of stairs was difficult, so I knew that my cardio needed to improve. For my health I was looking to lower my cholesterol and drop body fat.

Fitness together has helped me stay on track and motivated. I knew I had to come in and be accountable for my actions. It helps me to incorporate a regular fitness routine into my life, by having an appointment I need to show up for.

Since being with Fitness Together I have improved more than I could have imagined in everything. My cardio has improved, my strength has improved, dare I say my motivation has even improved.*