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Pros and Cons of Fruits

Sep 29, 2015

Most of the time when we think about "healthy" foods, we think of fruits and vegetables. So in order to eat HEALTHIER, we should eat MORE fruits and vegetables. And for the most part, this is correct. When it comes to fruits, however, more is not always better. Below I have listed a few pros and cons of fruits. Keep in mind, though, that different fruits have different nutritional values.


1. Providing vital nutrients (most common being Vitamin C)

2. Provide antioxidants to curb free radicals in the body (found in many colorful foods/fruits)

3. Reduced risk of many cancers and diseases


1. High in sugar - yes, it's better than processed sugars, but still sugar none the less. (one apple has about 20g of sugar)

2. High carbohydrates - again, healthy carbs. But too much fruit means too many carbs, which can lead to weight gain.

3. Indigestion - If eaten in large quantities or if a person has a sensitive digestive system, fruits can cause indigestion.

When it comes to fruits, a good rule to follow is 'too much a good thing can be a bad thing'. While fruits offer us many health benefits, there can also be several drawbacks to consuming large amounts. Refer back to nutritional guidelines if you're unsure of how much fruit you should be consuming. Or ask your Fitness Together trainer.


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