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Overtraining Information

Dec 16, 2015

Exercise has so many incredible health benefits. Too much exercise, however, has many negative effects on the body. Overtraining can occur if a person doesn’t allow any time for rest and recovery or if a person starts an aggressive exercise regimen with no previous training.

Signs of overtraining may include, but are not limited to, elevated resting heart rate, persistent muscle soreness, change in sleep patterns and change in appetite. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it might be wise to take a rest day or even a few days off of exercising.

If the thought of not doing any type of exercise for a couple days makes you cringe, there are several activities that can be performed during an ‘active’ rest day. Stretching, foam rolling, and very low impact cardio (walking) can all be performed as a way to actively rest so that you can still exercise while your muscles get the rest they need.

Taking at least one day out the week to have an active rest day should help to prevent overtraining, but be sure and listen to your body to know when enough is enough.


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