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Nutrition and Exercise Recommendations for People with Osteoporosis

Sep 28, 2015

Osteoporosis is weakening of the bones that can lead to bone fractures. Leading up to osteoporosis, is osteopenia, which is defined as reduced bone mass and is less severe than osteoporosis. This condition most commonly affects women over 50, but can also occur in males and younger women.

To prevent/treat this weakening of the bones, it is recommended that one has adequate intake of both calcium and vitamin D. Calcium helps to improve bone mineral density, while vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium.

When it comes to exercise, weight-bearing physical activity has been shown to help prevent and, in some cases, reverse effects of osteopenia and osteoporosis. At Fitness Together, we have helped many clients with these conditions. A customized strength training routine by a personal trainer and proper nutrition go a long way!


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