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    Private Studio Suites and LIVE 1-on-1 Virtual Training to make it easier to stay on track with your goals.

The hardest part is getting started.



Signature fit evaluation that includes an in-depth health history and lifestyle review, movement and posture analysis, and mini workout, all used to design a program that is unique to you.

  • "Jared and Josh are terrific. I feel like my strength and flexibility are improving with each class."   ― E. C.

  • "Programs tailored to individual needs by expert trainers - always challenging me to do more."   ― S. T.

  • "one to one trainer"   ― K. R.

  • "Every trainer with whom I have worked at Fitness Together has been extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and sensitive to my chronic injuries. I have been attending twice weekly sessions at Fitness Together for approximately 3 months and both my fitness and strength levels have measurably improved. I would (and have!) recommend Fitness Together to anyone who is looking to take charge of their physical health and make serious changes."   ― L. L.

  • "Great trainers!"   ― M. F.

  • "Friendly, no pressure - it’s about you."   ― E. C.

  • "I have now worked out with three different trainers at Fitness Together and have had great workouts with all three: Josh, Kevin and Jared. Each one has been friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Most importantly, they have taken the time to ask about the different injuries I have and have tailored my workouts to my specific needs. I cannot day enough good things about Fitness together. "   ― L. L.

  • "Terrific team!"   ― V. C.

  • "Josh & Kevin, trainers. I’ve been a client for 11 years in June! I feel great; strong & healthy...thanks Guys!"   ― V. C.

  • "Very rapidly developed a method to continue client programs and provide live, 1-on-1 training through virtual technology during the COVID-19 shutdown period!"   ― B. E.

  • "Personal attention and knowledgeable staff"   ― A. F.

  • "One on one training, advice and coaching."   ― M. F.

  • "The trainers, Josh & Kevin. I’ve been here for almost 11years!"   ― V. C.

  • "Friendly and knowledgeable staff"   ― A. F.

  • "Personalized, private. Motivating"   ― P. M.

  • "Everything "   ― D. B.

  • "Prompt, professional and very motivating. "   ― P. M.

  • "knowledgeable accomodating friendly"   ― M. R.

  • "The trainers really care about their clients. "   ― S. C.

  • " The convenience The Management and knowledge Their willingness to make changes in schedule "   ― M. R.

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