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Beneftis of Aerobic Exercise

http://www.thelifeco.com/the-benefits-of-aerobic-exercise.aspx Apr 15, 2011

Beneftis of Aerobic Exercise

We all know that  aerobic exercise has many benefits but we still don’t adhere to a regular program. Its nice to be aware but maybe just looking at the benefits again will help us to get moving and curb all the excuses not to do it. Get your heart pumping! 

Aerobic exercise enhances oxygen delivery to every cell in the body. Feel the effects of a stronger heart, improved circulation, and a nourished and cleansed body. Leave tiredness and excess weight behind.  Just 30-40 minutes of steady exercise, 3 or 4 times a week can help you get more out of life. 

What is aerobic exercise?
Aerobic exercise is characterized by long and steady workouts such as jogging, cycling and swimming. The rhythmic pumping of our heart and skeletal muscles improves blood flow throughout our body to nourish, restore and cleanse.

Strengthen your heart
Our heart is a muscle and like any other, exercise improves its condition. A steady 30-40 minute aerobic workout increases the oxygen requirements of working muscles, thus causing our heart rate to increase to pump extra blood. This has a conditioning effect on our heart enhancing its strength and endurance.

Increase its capacity
High intensity workouts, near your maximum output for 3-5 minutes, have a powerful effect in enhancing the capacity of the left ventricle - the heart chamber that delivers blood throughout our body. This increases the amount of blood it can pump with each beat, improving its efficiency at rest.

Oxygenate and alkalize
Improved circulation from regular exercise increases blood delivery throughout the body. This lifts delivery of alkalizing oxygen and removal of acidic carbon dioxide from our cells, helping maintain an optimal pH- a key aspect of health. Oxygen is the most important element for health and life and is vital for sustainable energy production in all cells. 
Nutrients in, wastes out
Aerobic exercise helps our body cleanse itself- both on a regular basis and as an element of any detoxification program. An increase in blood flow provides nutrients to all tissues and enhances waste removal from our cells. One of these "waste products" are called amyloid-beta proteins.  These have been directly implicated in the development of Alzheimer's disease!

All cells benefit from the increase in nutrients which replenish, repair and restore. The cleansing that occurs helps all cells maintain health and integrity. Our lymphatic system is also stimulated by aerobic exercise. It is an important means of waste removal from our cells, and it relies on rhythmic muscle contractions to stimulate its flow. There is nothing better than aerobic exercise to help expel waste from our body.
Boost immunity
Our lymphatic system is also an important element of our immune system. Immune cells, known as lymphocytes, are carried around our body via its network of tiny vessels. The transport of these cells to areas where they are needed is helped significantly by steady aerobic exercise.

New capillaries
The increased oxygen requirements of working muscles stimulate the formation of new capillaries. These increase oxygenation of the muscles being exercised.  The increased oxygenation, even when our body is at rest, enhances the health of all cells in the areas affected.
Sweating cleanses skin
Aerobic exercise is the best way of lifting our core body temperature. This stimulates sweating- an important means of temperature control. Sweating cleanses our skin by flushing blockages and acid wastes from our pores.  Regular aerobic workouts noticeably improve the health and appearance of our skin.

Burn fat
Aerobic exercise is also known as fat burning and is an indispensible aspect of any weight loss program. During low intensity exercise our body uses fat as its fuel of choice. Long and steady aerobic exercise directly burns fat from our hips, rears and thighs.
Boost energy
The increased oxygen and nutrient delivery, cleansing, immune boosting and fat burning effects of aerobic exercise all help improve our energy levels. The value of aerobic exercise, in helping our body nourish and maintain itself, shows up as greater physical energy and improved mental clarity.

Enhance mood
Exercise also stimulates the release of endorphins- the feel good chemicals in our brain that affect our mood. Their release is associated with happiness and a sense of achievement that comes with a good workout. With our body already slimmer, cleaner and better nourished, these endorphins add another element to the benefits of aerobic exercise.
Head out for your favorite exercise! This is an effective way of improving health, fitness and cheering yourself up. Aerobic exercise is a great way to start every day off on the right foot.