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Barrington Client Gets National Press!

May 26, 2010

From High-End Kitchens to High-Impact Workouts:
Medway resident gets in shape and learns how to eat at Fitness Together

BARRINGTON, R.I. – (May 25, 2010) -- Working in a kitchen design center all day and hosting wine tasting events on the side sounds like a tasty career. But for Jane Norris, of Medway, Mass., her recipe for life was missing some important ingredients.

A woman in her 50s, Norris was surrounded by the tools of the trade to build great kitchens. But over time she also discovered herself surrounded by a few extra pounds. That’s when she found a personal trainer at the nearby Fitness Together studio at 334A County Road in Barrington, R.I., and began exercising. She trains twice a week with her trainer, Erskine McIntosh, and goes once a week to work on the machines.

“They are two doors down from where I work, so I have no excuses,” Norris says. “I have to go. I now go before work, so I can't sneak out at the end of the work day."

After trying Weight Watchers and a gym membership, it was the accountability of her personal trainer that made a real difference. Not only does Erskine know me, but all of the trainers are on a first name basis with me. They help me with my struggles and cheer me on with my successes.

“I called once, while I was at work and said I was sick. Somebody came to my office and said, ‘So, you’re sick?’” She was. But the follow-through was a perfect example of someone who truly cared about her road to health and wellness.

With a goal to reach a healthy weight, her regular workouts helped her shed 19 pounds in the beginning. Then the launch of a new program, Nutrition Together, helped her learn how to eat.

One of the first customers across the national Fitness Together chain to add the Nutrition Together program to her routine, Norris took her sophisticated palate and applied the rules of good nutrition. Today, she has lost a total of 43 pounds and is full of energy.

During the six week program, Norris has kept a food journal, lowering her carbs, checking her calories, watching her food portions and reviewing them with Matthew Gagliano, the owner of Fitness Together. Each week Matt and Jane went over a different chapter of the Nutrition Together program. They reviewed the ups and downs of the previous week and set goals for the upcoming week. Now they meet once a month for a review. Soon their topic of conversation will be how to maintain. For now they continue to discuss ways to continue the successful weight loss.

“The amazing thing is, I really don’t feel like I’m missing out,” she says. “Matt checks my books and puts a red line under things where he questions what I’ve eaten, even though I know where he’s going to put those lines now.”

As Norris describes it, her old routine was delicious work that was missing a pinch of diet and exercise. Now her real hurdle is shopping for clothes that actually fit.

“Physically, I feel great,” she says. “I’m in fantastic shape. Obviously, losing 43 pounds I was very much overweight. My exercise "program" was walking the dogs. Now, I work out six days a week and I do activities that I had either never done or hadn't done for a long time. I do push-ups for crying out loud. A year and half ago, if you said I was going to do these things, I would say you’re crazy.”