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8 Lessons in Eating For Health and Vitality

Dec 28, 2010

8 Lessons in Eating For Health and Vitality

Aimee Hughes

On Fitness Magazine

By Supplementing an already healthy diet with detoxifying foods, we can ensure our bodies and minds greater health and longevity.

Foods for detoxification can be divided into five categories: fruits and fruit juices; fresh vegetable juices; chlorophyll rich foods; herbal teas; and sea plants. These foods should be organically grown and eaten fresh for optimal results.

Fruit juices speed up metabolism to release waste quickly and also reduce cravings for sweets due to their alkalizing effects. They should be taken by themselves and before noon for best energy conversion and cleansing benefits. Blend or juice your favorite fruits in the morning for a detoxifying breakfast.

Fresh vegetable juices provide the body with necessary vitamins, minerals and enzymes that fulfill nutritional requirements with less food. They also carry off excess body acids.

Dandelion is an excellent diuretic due to its high potassium content.

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are full of enzymes. Enzymes are organic compounds or catalysts that increase the rate at which food is broken down and absorbed in the body. These enzymes are destroyed during cooking and processing. Bottled and packaged juices are pasteurized, which destroys the enzymes as well.

Chlorophyll rich foods help clear the skin, cleanse the kidneys, and clean and build the blood. Eating any chlorophyll rich food will help boost immunity, treat illness and rid unwanted substances. Foods high in chlorophyll include spinach, collard greens, parsley and other deep green vegetables.

Spirulina, wheat grass, cholorella and algae are referred to as super foods because of their high chlorophyll content. They are high in flavonoids, which give them anti-inflammatory , anti-tumor and antiviral properties.

Green superfood generally contains wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, spirulina, chlorella and blue green algae. Purchase these green superfoods in powder form at your local health food store and add them to your fruit and vegetable juices.

Drinking green tea on a regular basis is very beneficial, as it is rich in flavanoids, with antioxidant and anti-allergen activity. Green tea combats free radical damage to protect against degenerative disease and boosts enzyme production in the body. It also has antibiotic, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Sea plants, largely composed of sition, so near to human plasma, has the ability to help balance the body at a cellular level. They also aid in transforming toxic metals in to salts the body can eliminate. Sea vegetables are incredibly rich sources of vitamins and minerals, complex carbohydrates and proteins. Seaweed, dulse, kelp, nori and wakame are amazing detoxifying agents.

Two tablespoons of dry minced sea vegetables added daily to a bowl of chicken broth or vegetable broth soup is a wonderfully therapeutic dose.

Seaweeds are really not a weed but large marine algae that grow in coastal waters of many countries. One of seaweed’s most prominent health benefits is its ability to remove radioactive strontium and other heavy metals from our bodies. Brown seaweeds such as kelp contain alginic acid, which binds with the toxins in the intestines, rendering them indigestible and carries them out of the system.


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