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Personal Training Studio 605 Meadowmont Village Circle
Chapel Hill, NC 27517

Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Jan H.

Fitness Together Personal Training Client

After working with the personal trainers at Fitness Together, Jan is now stronger in her 60's than she was in her 30's. 

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Karen V.

Fitness Together Personal Training Client

The personal trainers at Fitness Together keep me accountable and we set goals together.  The benefits of working with a Fitness Together trainer are not only changing the way I look, but increasing the energy I have to give back to others and with that an increase in my quality of life!

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Fitness Together Personal Training Client

Marc Getting it Done @ Fitness Together Chapel Hill!
O.A.R-Survived another workout with Brian at Fitness Together Chapel Hill;) *

O.A.R-Of a Revolution

Marc, Chris, Richard and Jerry

When they're not playing to sold-out shows around the world, multi-platinum recording artists O.A.R have to take make sure they stay in shape. Whether it's in our private personal training studio here at Fitness Together Chapel Hill or on the road they trust their good friend Brian Kennedy to always make sure they receive customized workouts to meet the demands that performing night after night and traveling can put on the body. Marc, Chris, Richard and Jerry keep up the great work guys. Have a wonderful tour and we'll see you soon!

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Leigh Ann M.

New Bride and Fitness Together Chapel Hill Client

I called Fitness Together Chapel Hill to get ready for the "Big Day". What I've gotten out of working with the Fitness Together Chapel Hill Personal Trainers has been so much more. Not only did I look great on my wedding day, but fitness has become a regular part of my life. Thanks Fitness Together Chapel Hill!!!

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Heather B.

Senior Project Manager and Fitness Together Chapel Hill Client

“Working 50-60 hours a week and trying to juggle work and family really took its toll on my personal fitness level. The personal trainers at  Fitness Together Chapel Hill gives me the support and coaching necessary to make my own wellness a priority. Once that happened, the inches started to come off, my energy increased and most importantly day to day stress is much easier to handle. Whether I’m training in the private studio or on the road, I now have the tools to continue to be successful. Thanks Fitness Together Chapel Hill!   Heather B.-Senior Project Manager


Shannon E.-Fitness Together Chapel Hill Client

Hi Jeremy,

Wow, this will be hard to narrow down what I liked to a few bullet points, as I LOVED everything about Fitness Together Chapel Hill, but I'll give it a try.

  • I liked having the initial meeting with you and discussing my reason for being there and my goals.  It gave me a chance to think about those things.  And if I had to say them out loud to you, then somehow they were "real."
  • I liked having a one on one session in a private studio setting with my personal trainer.  As someone who was not very confident in gym setting, this was perfect.  I am no longer intimidated when I walk into a gym and have the confidence to do any exercise or work any equipment.
  • My personal trainer, Jason, was just the BEST.  He was patient, persistent, and encouraging.  His enthusiasm was contagious and he made me look forward to coming to every session.
  • Most of the exercises were things I could work on at home, without any equipment.


Please let me know if you want more, as I could go on and on :).  Thanks for changing my life!


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Rachel T.

Fitness Together Client and Business Owner

I had hit a significant plateau for six months after losing the initial 40 lbs on my own. The personal trainers at Fitness Together helped brake that plateau and it really started coming off quickly! I am down 16 dress sizes.* I am most proud to carry my "before" pictures (I never am without them) to encourage others and show people it can be done.

Gaston E.-Fitness Together Chapel Hill Client

Hi Jeremy,

I want to thank you, Jason and the rest of the wonderful staff for helping me go so far and do so much in just 3 months. I came to you after years of neglecting to exercise properly... overweight and lacking desired flexibility and energy. I have made great progress in all areas and the metrics you gave me proved it. It just amazes me how much better I look and feel. Everyone that knows me seems to compliment me on how I look and that is a great, great feeling.

 But an added surprise bonus was the effect your training had on my blood pressure. I have taken daily medication for hypertension for years, but even so, the best I usually tested was in the pre-hypertension range. Now my blood pressure always tests safely within the normal range.* It's just a huge difference that should make my physician very happy. At my age of 53, it's not exaggerating to say that you may have helped me save my life.

 But the greatest thing may be the lasting appreciation I now have for fitness and the path you showed me to achieve it with your program. You not only helped me realize my goals, but also challenged me to expand them and gave me the confidence to do what I didn't really believe I ever could. That's something I will absolutely carry with me for the rest of my life. Thanks again!


Gaston Eubanks

Melanie N

Teacher and Fitness Together Chapel Hill Client

11lbs of dead weight gone.* 10.5 inches of body fat gone.* Cardio improved by 73%, Flexibility improved by 45%, 43 push ups (273% improvement).* The personal trainers at Fitness Together Chapel Hill have help me accomplish these results and I'm just getting started. Thanks Fitness Together!!!

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Barb S.

Fitness Together Client and Active Professional

The Personal Trainers at Fitness Together has changed my outlook on life.  After feeling like losing weight and getting in shape was an unattainable goal, I called Fitness Together.  It was my last ditch effort.  I’ve been on every diet known to man, but never knew how to workout correctly.  The personal trainers with whom I work at Fitness Together are very knowledgeable and they take the time to explain every exercise.  To my surprise and delight, I lost a pant size after only 6 weeks and my double chin went away after 8 weeks.*  In only 8 weeks, I’ve lost 13 pounds!*  I love the new lease on life that Fitness Together has given me!

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Rebekah O.

Fitness Together Client and working mother

For about 3 years I was pouring my heart into a job working anywhere from 60 to 70 hours per week which turned into eating a lot of junk food, not spending anytime to care of myself, and gaining a lot of weight. The problem wasn't that I didn't know what to do it was that I didn't have the accountability, discipline, and motivation to follow-through with what I knew. The other problem was that going to a regular gym was completely unattractive to me. Then I discovered the personal trainers at Fitness Together and it all came together. Fitness Together had expert trainers who really cared about my health and pinpointed my fitness and nutritional needs. They also gave me that accountability that was always missing as well as a close family atmosphere that made me feel I didn't want to let the trainers as well as myself down.*

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Jeffery S.

FT Client and IT Programmer

When I walked into Fitness Together I had no idea what I wanted to achieve.

I just knew that I needed a change, I needed to be healthier. The team at FT  helped me understand and realize my fitness goals, and every session gets me closer to achieving them. I'm stronger, more flexible, I have a more powerful core and my overall well-being has received a tremendous boost! The trainers listen to what I have to say and always offer me sound, professional advice. Plus they keep the workouts challenging and interesting. I couldn't be happier!

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Amanda G.-Fitness Together Chapel Hill Client

I had a wonderful experience at Fitness Together Chapel Hill. The personal training staff share a passion for fitness and truly want to see you succeed. Many times, half of the battle of getting in shape is just planning your workouts and at Fitness Together Chapel Hill all you have to do is show up. The personal trainers will motivate you and take care of the rest. The workouts are well planned, efficient, and effective.The Fitness Together Studio is always immaculate and because you are in your own workout suite, there are no distractions. I liked the fact that results are measurable and metrics oriented. When you are evaluated, you can actually see the numbers go down.The personal trainers keep you focused and motivate you to want to show up. I would recommend Fitness Together Chapel Hill to anyone who wants to see real, maintainable results.

Jason and the LuLuLemon Girls!!!!

Kathy S. (On Right)-Assistant Mananger LuLuLemon Athletica Raleigh and Fitness Together Chapel Hill Client

When I moved back to the Triangle about a year ago, I was going through so many changes from switching careers and moving to a new state to planning my wedding, so I really wanted to tackle the transition in a healthy and productive way. Fitness Together Chapel Hill was the perfect place for me to invest in myself. I trusted that if I felt good and if I was in good shape, I would be able to make great choices in all aspects of my life. In addition to maintaining a regular strength training program, the personal trainers at Fitness Together Chapel Hill to helped me reach a personal goal of running a half-marathon. I finished my first half-marathon last winter. The personal attention, professionalism, and high quality of workouts delivered by the personal trainers make Fitness Together Chapel Hill the right choice for any age or fitness level.