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Could Wine be a Personal Trainer for your Brain??

Apr 18, 2017

Would you rather be sipping a glass of Pinot Noir rather than doing the sudoko puzzle in your local paper? According to at least one prominent researcher, you could be doing your brain a huge favor (we say enjoy both, but that’s just us).

Dr. Gordon Shepherd is a neurologist at the Yale School of Medicine and shares some strong beliefs in his book “Neuroenology: How the Brain Creates the Taste of Wine”. Dr. Shepherd believes that drinking wine actually “engages more of our brain than any, yes any human behavior”. He believes this has nothing to do with how alcohol impacts our brains in terms of changes in feeling or thought, but has more to do with the highly “active” process and procedure of wine tasting. This includes the smelling of the wine glass, swirling it around in your mouth, drinking it down and enjoying the lingering aftertaste.

Another interesting take is that Shepherd maintains that wine molecules don’t actually hold the flavor, but that the flavor is created by the way the wine stimulates the brain, much the same way the brain sees color. He also mentions key factors that play into the way we react to the taste and flavor include age, gender and even the amount of saliva a person produces. The pre drinking workout is also interesting in that Dr. Shepherd states “you don’t just put the wine in your mouth and leave it there. You move it about and then swallow it, which is a very complex motor act.

As with most things too much of a good thing isn’t so good. If you want your wine to be a good personal trainer to your brain, Dr. Shepherd says “don’t plan on getting wasted. Within a few sips or drinks people are just downing the stuff and you’re doing more harm than good. There needs to be more to it than that. If you take a few large sips, you’ve saturated your system.

So as long as you’re using a wine as a personal trainer for your brain in moderation. Dr. Shepherd says “bottoms up"!


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