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8 Reasons you may not be losing that unwanted bodyfat.

May 10, 2013

1. Drinking too much alcohol or soda.

Although there is no fat in most alcoholic drinks they contribute to body fat gain because of the calorie content of alcohol. The energy in alcohol must be burned immediately, while your body is busy burning the extra calories from the drink your body will have no choice but to store most of the other the calories ingested from your meals.

2. Too little exercise or always using the same workout routine.

We all know we need to exercise in order to stay trim but many people still don’t do enough activity to burn off the energy from food or overcome a slow metabolism. You should strive to be active for the most part of your waking hours, or exercising for 30-40 minutes at least 3 times a week. If you’re very overweight and struggle to exercise then you need to be doing more low level recreational activities.

Many people get fed up with going to the gym and doing the same old routine. If you’re bored with your routine, your body is definitely bored. Our body adapts very well to exercise and repeating the same routine will severely stunt your results. Yes, you will still burn calories but if your body has adapted to your present, daily calorie intake then you’ll not lose any more body fat. A great way to boost fat loss is to re-challenge the body by constantly changing your routine and forcing the body to re-adapt.

3. A reduced metabolism

Low calorie diets tend to work well during the first few weeks then they become ineffective for losing further body fat. The reason is they cause the metabolism to slow down, thus your body adapts to the limited calorie intake. If you respond by lowering your calorie intake further you’ll probably end up losing even more muscle and hitting a fat loss plateau again. This cycle may continue until your resolve finally breaks and you go back to your previous eating habits. The secret is to lower intake slightly while providing good nutrition with plenty of protein to limit muscle loss. Doing some weight training will help boost the metabolism and speed fat loss.

4. Skipping meals too often

It sounds simple, if we eat less we should body fat. For this reason many people skip meals but the body responds by going into starvation mode, the muscles break down in order to maintain the amino acid pool, the result is a lowered metabolism. Also if you let your blood sugar drop too low you’ll end up with strong hunger pains and probably end up eating far too much at the next meal. Try to eat healthy, small meals or snacks 5 – 6 times a day, starting with a good breakfast that contains good quality protein.

5. Eating too much sugar and salt

Excess sugar and salt are often combined together in many processed foods. Eating too much sugar in one meal causes increased blood sugar levels; the body must respond and lower it back to normal. The result is most of the excess sugar is eventually stored as body fat. This is where some people get confused because they eat sugary foods or drink lots of soda which contain little fat content, and don’t realize how it can cause fat storage.

Salt can be confusing too because it contains no energy but can result in weight gains, albeit water gain! Salt causes the body to hold water so too much salt makes some people believe they’re getting fatter. It’s possible to be carrying an extra 5 pounds of weight just through consuming too much salt in the diet. Remember to cut down on processed, convenient foods; try to follow a diet plan full of natural, unprocessed foods.

6. Not drinking enough water

During an average day many ordinary people become slightly dehydrated because they lose more fluid than they drink; they often don’t realize it because the thirst centre is not very accurate. Sometimes dehydration can cause hunger pains as many of us obtain a large proportion of the daily water supply from foods. If you don’t drink much water and seem to be frequently hungry your body may be craving the water rather than food. Water also helps boost energy levels so you can work out more effectively to burn extra calories and lose weight. You should be drinking 8 large glasses of water every day.

7. Incorrect portion sizes

When dieting to lose weight the old philosophy still rings true “eat less to lose weight”. Although you shouldn’t skip meals, as discussed in point 4, the answer may be to eat little and often. Eating more meals or snacks must means small sized portions!

8. Unrealistic Goals

Setting goals that are too difficult to achieve or goals that are totally unrealistic is a common reason for failure to lose body fat. It’s silly trying to get the figure of a super model if you have an endomorph body type. Achieving your goals is important for continued success. If you don’t reach your goal you may end up feeling like a failure and this can cause some people to comfort eat.

Aim for small, easily obtainable goals to help build some momentum for success. Losing the recommended 2 pounds each week may sound too slow but at least you should be able to achieve this target without difficulty, then you’ll feel like a winner, and you’ll be one step closer to your main goal too!

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