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World Health DAY 2011

Apr 6, 2011

Since 1950, the World Health Organization held the first ever World Health Day. The World Health Day is held to mark or is seen as an opportunity by the organization to draw worldwide attention to a subject of major importance to global health every year.The WHO organizes international, regional and local events on the Day related to a particular theme. In 2011, the WHO has decided to make this days particular theme about Anti-microbial resistance. Antimicrobials include many products that we use daliy such as antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals, and other medications used to treat life-threatening diseases. Antimicrobial resistance occurs when germs change in a way that reduces or eliminates the effectiveness of drugs to treat them were our body can. Widespread overuse and inappropriate use of antimicrobials is fueling an increase in antimicrobial-resistant organisms (germs). Increased resistance is compromising the effectiveness of these important treatments. As resistance increases, the patient's risk for complications or death from infection also increases. So it will be your job as a parent and my job as a health provider to do our very best to protect ourselves and clients from drug resistant infection! So incase you are wondering how to do that i have listed a few things that might help you!

  • Talk to your family physican about the best treatment for you or your child's illness. Never just google an illness and guess that this certain medication will work for you or child's sickness. Get advice from an expert not someone with a a Google Phd!
  • Never take medications prescribed for someone else. Taking the wrong medicine can delay correct treatment or allow germs to become resistant to the treatment and multiply(Think about this one, we all have done that in some form or another!).
  • If your doctor prescribes medication for you or your child:
    • Do not skip doses.
    • Do not save any medications for the next time you or your child gets sick. A medication's effectiveness will disminsh over time.
  • Take medications as directed. Always follow your doctor's instructions

Please take this advice serious and SPREAD the word about World Health Day 2011!


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