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What is Troy's favorite Power Moves for Building Muscles

Mar 6, 2013

When we think of weight lifting the last thing that comes to mind is using power movement exercises to build muscle. The first things we think of are bench presses, shoulder presses or maybe leg extensions for lower body workouts. In reality, doing different types of power movement exercises are your best way to put on lean muscle mass.

So many times hard gainers struggle with putting on lean muscle mass and try different approaches to weightlifting but often times they are the same types of exercises that everyone else is doing. It is common for someone to ask for advice at the gym. Most of the time the advice given is the standard one filled with traditional types of exercises. Unfortunately power training is ignored because most people think that these types of exercises are done strictly by power lifters.

Power movement exercises will increase your athletic abilities no matter your age

If you have ever seen any video footage of an athlete "behind the scenes" as they train you will see them doing standard exercises: treadmill jogging, shoulder presses and other exercises you may know. You will also notice several types of power training exercises. Different types of athletes such as baseball players, football players, basketball players and sprinters are only some of the few athletes that you will see doing these types of exercises.

What are the benefits of power training?

  • Power training helps with increasing natural human growth hormone levels.
  • It also helps with explosiveness
  • Build fast twitch muscles that in turn give the body a muscular look
  • Helps build muscle and increases athletic abilities
  • These types of exercises involve more muscles than single joint movements

When we look at these four benefits we can clearly starting seeing that a lean and muscular athlete fits the profile of someone explosive yet muscular. It is also important to note that in order to put on muscle the increase in natural growth hormone is very important. For someone like a hard gainer these factors are necessary.

So what are my three favorite Power Movements you may ask, well they are as follows?

1. Deadlift

2. Front Squat

3. Hang Clean

All of these three exercises help with triple extension of the lower half while asking the torso/core muscles to get involved with stabilization! When performed correctly these movements will tax a lot of muscle which in turn maximizes your time in your training session. Now remember these exercises should always be performed at the beginning of a workout with a focus on form/posture instead of load and volume.


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