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Welcome Mike to FT!!!

Apr 17, 2012

We are pleased to announce the hiring of Mike Hope to our staff here at Fitness Together-Cary! We hope that is his energy and enthusiasm will bring clients closer to reaching their goals and aspirations! We have listed a quick bio on Mike so enjoy!

Mike came to America from Swansea, South Wales in 2011. He is certified as a Personal Trainer through The American College of Sports Medicine. Mike chose Personal Training as a career for the simple reason that he loves the Fitness Lifestyle, the Health benefits of such a lifestyle and having the knowledge to change people’s outlook on Fitness and Nutrition. When Mike was 16 years old he won a Catering Competition “Welsh Chef of the Year” and this is where his knowledge of Nutrition started from. Mike represented his High School in Rugby, and his County in Athletics. Mike’s main sporting interests are Surfing, Rugby and Jui jitsu and he likes to incorporate the different training techniques from each sport into his sessions as much as possible. Mike’s main Goal as a Trainer is to make sure that his Clients surpass their own expectations and go beyond what they thought they were capable of. He loves to educate people about correct nutrition and different training techniques. Mike is very excited about being part of the FT Team and can’t wait to help his Clients towards and Fitter and Healthier Life.


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