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Traveling Alot via Plane....Must READ by Trainer Laura

Mar 6, 2014

Traveling by plane may seem like many options to stay healthy are not available. Airports are loaded with burger chains, pizza, and expensive salads. However, despite the airports seemingly working against your hard efforts there are ways to come out on top with your health and traveling! A few simple steps in planning ahead can make a world of a difference.

If you're worried about catching a viral bug from a fellow traveler, orange juices may seem like a solid approach. These juices are often times loaded with sugar. A switch to an Emergen-C packet or Airborne will provide you the vitamin C you need with a vastly lower sugar count. Bringing your own water bottle can ensure that you stay hydrated throughout your trip without the need to pay absurd amounts for a water bottle. By packing servings of protein powder in a Ziploc you can make extra use of your water bottle when you feel hunger coming on. Many vitamin shops offer single serving sizes of proteins. Check out some meal bars as well! Though be careful to avoid the ones with more than 10 grams of sugar.

While on the airplane hunger may strike again. By being prepared with unsalted almonds and even a packet or two of instant oatmeal, you can help yourself stay on track. Flight attendants are able to provide you with hot water to ensure you can make your oatmeal on board. Packing fruit also helps curb any sugar cravings while in flight, giving you proper nutrients during travel. Keeping in mind what healthy snacks to pack can easily help you avoid the hassle of airports and their unhealthy options; feeling better about your choices once you have landed!


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