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The Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure

Jun 2, 2011

Please help us at Fitness Together raise enough money to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer. You can donate money under my name or you can register for the walk/competitive 5k run. I would hope that you could find time in your busy schedules to do the walk or run. If you are doing the run/walk please register under Fitness Together. To find our team click on Race for the Cure, click on Register, click on Find a Team and then you can enter in Fitness Together and register for the run or walk. The run is $35 for adults/$25 for kids and the walk is $30 for adults/$20 kids. The link for this event is . Last year we had 25 members and we are looking for that number to grow with your help. If you are doing the walk and run and want to register family members or friends We will be walking as a team. For those who want to do the run i will be giving out more cardio points towards those individuals but those individuals will be running on a timed race and hence will be not doing this together. I will be doing the run and those who want me to run with them i would be more than willingly to try to keep up with you! I will be looking forward to your responses and i hope you can join and donate!


Troy Richard Rininger,

M.S. Sport Science
B.S. Exercise Science


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