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Sam Scott-Client of the Month

Aug 2, 2013

This month Samantha Scott is our featured client! Sam has been with us since January and her hard work and persistence have paid off! We love the effort she puts in at the studio each week and were blown away by her dedication while on vacation. Traveling is usually a difficult time for anyone to stay attentive to their goals – Sam exceeded our expectations by staying active and finding nutrient rich food options that put her in a 10 lb deficit when she returned. Sam is a great example that you can travel while staying true to your goals. We look forward to her continued progress and success towards a healthier lifestyle. She is off to a great start!

  • 22 lbs gone for good
  • 62 % increase in abdominal strength and endurance
  • 15 ½ inches lost
  • 360% increase in upper body endurance
  • 86% increase in core stability

Congratulations Sam on your success. We couldn’t be more proud!


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