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Rachel Shelton - Client of the Month

Nov 18, 2015

Rachel Shelton (pictured on far left) has been training with FT since March, for the purpose of completing various fitness tests for Air Force, Navy, and admission into West Point. Despite working diligently in the classroom and competing for her high schools cross country team, Rachel has still managed to commit to attending Fitness Together 3x/week before the break of dawn. Rachel is one of the most determined clients here at FT and possesses all of the intrinsic motivation that it takes to be successful! Our words do not give her results enough justice, so take a look at her beginning numbers compared to her official test scores, completed a few weeks ago!

Basketball Throw - Improved from 31 feet to 40 feet (29%)
Flex Arm Hang - Improved from 7 seconds to 36 seconds (414%)
Shuttle Run - Improved from 10.53 seconds to 9.2 seconds (13%)
Sit ups - Improved from 46 reps to 95 reps (107%)
Pushups - Improved from 15 reps to 50 reps (233%)
1 Mile timed - Improved from 10:00 to 8:41 (13%)


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