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Master those Munchies

Jan 25, 2012

There is no doubt that every calorie counts, with some obviously being utilized better than others. We want to make sure we are getting enough calories to satisfy our appetite and give our body enough nutrients to perform its everyday tasks but we want to create a system that allows us not to munch on bad snacks throughout the day because we are hungry either. What I have done for you today is to include some nutritional and supplementation strategies to decrease your hunger and the amount of calories that you can consume each day. These ideals will also provide enough energy for you to be yourself and enjoy life while not padding on the fat and help you fit into those SKINNY JEANS!

1. Consume a high percentage of calories from protein and healthy fats. This will help increase your metabolic rate but at the same time decrease your hunger by getting your body that feeling of satisfaction!

2. Take in small amounts of slow-burning carbs. Now that your higher percentage of calories is coming from protein and healthy fats it is time to make your carbs count. Slow burning carbs with a low GI index include whole grain products such as bread,pasta, oatmeal, brown rice and yams!

3. Eat eggs for Breakfast. More research has shown that eating whole eggs for breakfast helps decrease your appetite throughout the day. This just goes on with the saying that BREAKFAST is the most important meal of the day!

4. Eat salads before meals. Again research has shown that when people eat a salad at the beginning of dinner, they consume fewer total calories over that meal. But remember salad dressing is not a healthy fat so much sure to use sparingly.

5. Use Protein shakes to help fight hunger! Once again increasing the percentage of calories you consume from protein is a good thing. Just make sure that your protein shakes are low in saturated fats and calories. These shakes should be a snack and not used as a meal replacement either.


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