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Kim Little-Client of the Month

Apr 30, 2013

What can you say about Kim? She really a fantastic client and is totally committed to changing her life through exercise and nutrition. This is apparent when you consider that Kim never misses her 6am session. If that wasn’t enough she then goes straight into work!!!! Kim has been with us since February and she comes into every session not only to train extremely hard but to also learn and take some new knowledge away with her. Kim has completely changed her eating habits without any second thoughts and takes on board all the information we pass to her. She brings great intensity and dedication to each session. Attributes like these make Kim a FT favorite. Kim started with us to regain her fitness and lose weight that had slowly creped on after an operation de railed her from her regime 2 years ago.

ü 2.5% body fat lost

ü 6 inches lost

ü Increased her Bench Press by 20lbs

ü A massive 450% increase in upper body endurance

ü 57% increase in core stability

Well done Kim! You fully deserve to be Client of the Month. Keep working hard and the results will keep coming and coming. Thank you for your dedication.


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