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June is National Men's Health Month

Jun 14, 2011

Hey Dad, Happy Father's Day! But, let's talk about that health of yours. Not many people know this, but June is National Men's Health Month. So to honor your father or grandfather, talk to him about how they can celebrate many more Father's Days to come. This is a great opportunity to talk to the men in your life on how they can lower the risk for preventable diseases such as heart disease and cancer, as well as address male-specific problems such as low testosterone. It is very important for him to understand the number of preventable "killers" of men. So to help you be more informative I have listed some of the top factors that cause premature death in men.Heart disease still remains the number one killer of men in the United States, according to the CDC. Many of the symptoms of heart disease are asymptomatic. Until there is an event of some sort, such as a heart attack, angina or an arrhythmia, many people don't realize that their heart is not functioning properly.

The CDC labeled the top five risk factors for heart disease as:

·High blood pressure

·High cholesterol

·Strong family history



(all of which can be prevented with exercise and a healthy diet)

One thing that men need to take more seriously, in terms of screenings, is prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer affecting men. Unfortunately, medical experts disagree on the importance of prostate cancer screening since treatment for prostate cancer can cause serious side effects (such as loss of sexual function and urinary incontinence), and this slow-growing cancer may never develop to a point where it affects a man's lifestyle, according to the CDC. It is now being recommended that men get prostate screenings at the age of 40 instead of 50.

So please take this advice and tell the men in your life or yourself to be more proactive in their health. No one wants to see loved ones around them looking at their casket!


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