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Jay Bigelow-June Client of the Month

Jul 18, 2012

Jay began at Fitness Together in early February with the hopes of regaining function back in his surgically repaired knee and gain more abdominal strength. An avid golfer, Jay, knows the importance of a strong core and the importance of it in the golf swing as well as having a good/functioning knee that can handle the torque that is associated with this sport. Over the last couple of months Jay has made two commitments that many people don’t when it comes to their health and fitness goals, those are a commitment to time(he is here 3x a week every week) and a commitment to his change(he is a food journaling KING). It is no surprise to see that his strength parameters are some of the best in studio because of theses commitments!!

Jay has done exceptional so far and more results are sure to come.

  • 109% increase in upper body strength and endurance
  • 200% increase in lower body flexibility.
  • 93% increase in core strength
  • 92% increase in lower body endurance.
  • 63lb increase in the bench test
  • 5 inches lost

Jay we just wanted to use this part of your story to say thank you for your dedication and effort. Though we still have some goals to obtain, we have all the faith in the world that with your will, we will reach them. Thank you for being that client that we love training and beating up on the golf course with alsoJ! Finally, we applaud you for being you!


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