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Jan 28, 2014

Sue Teoli
FT New Canaan

"If people learn to work with the cards they are dealt as far as weather then they will get nice fitness results. It seems to have snowed more these past years in Connecticut so I bought snow shoes to trot around. It's fun. I actually would prefer to exercise in cold, brisk air than the hot, deathly humidity we get in the summer."

Bruce Kelly
FT Media

"The key is to move every day. If weather, like this winter, becomes an issue think of things like bodyweight strength training, mobility work, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, etc. Some you can do in the comfort of your own home and others are ways to take advantage of what winter has to offer. Moving is the key regardless of modality."

Logan George
FT Maple Grove

"Remember why you are working out, whether it is to look good for beach season or to lose some pounds for your school reunion. Skipping workouts because of winter should not get in the way of your results. Also, if you are paying by session your wallet may or may not take a hit. So try your best to get your workouts in!"

Stacy Adams
FT Central Georgetown

"Staying motivated during the super-cold days of the winter can be tough and it often becomes a barrier to sticking with our fitness programs. The more you think about it, the longer you'll be cold and likely to skip today's workout. The quicker you start moving, the quicker you'll warm up.

"You can also try something new, such as hot yoga. Use this time in the winter to work on your flexibility rather than simply pounding the pavement and hitting the weights.

"Finally, consider hiring a personal trainer! Not only will you have a accountability partner to keep you on your program, but when it comes time to shed the winter clothes you'll be able to unveil all the hard work you did this winter."

Frank Rosalie
FT Great Neck

"Motivation seems to be a big obstacle for many people. I ask them how badly do they want to reach their fitness goals. If you want something, no obstacle will stand in your way."

Billy Beyer
FT Basking Ridge

"One way to stay motivated to work out during the winter is to have a workout partner! Knowing you are meeting someone to train with makes it more fun and it also means you can't bail on them!"

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