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Ellen Pender-Client of the Month

May 29, 2013

This month’s client of the month has been a great success story to this point for sure. Ellen Pender came to FT just a short time ago in the hopes to shed some pounds before her upcoming daughter’s wedding. Knowing that there were going to be tons of photos taken that day, she didn’t want to look back and say, “Who is this person beside my daughter?” Well, that surely did not happen. Listen to what Ellen had to say about her daughter’s big day, “The wedding was wonderful and I felt fantastic in my dress.” Do you know what she felt fantastic? I don’t need to tell you, ill let her results below show you what she did in merely 6 weeks of hard work and effort and why she felt this way.

  • 18lbs gone for good
  • 3% body fat out of the way
  • 12 inches lost (5 in your waist alone)
  • 130% increase in flexibility
  • 76% increase in core stability

Ellen personifies what committed to a healthy life and goals are all about. It wasn’t easy for her but so far she has made it look that way! Keep up the great job, Ellen; we are so proud of you!


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