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Elizabeth Froom - Client of The Month

Jan 4, 2016

Elizabeth, aka Liz, has been with the Fitness Together team since July of 2015! One of the three commitments that our clients make to us is the commitment to TIME. The commitment to time includes at least 3 sessions per week with one of our trainers. Liz has become the poster child for perfect attendance! She hardly ever misses a session and in the rare case that she does miss a session, there is no problem getting her to make up that day! Liz is incredibly determined and over 30 lbs later, she acknowledges this journey has been worth it. Don’t believe me? Read below as Liz gives us a little insight on what her journey has been like!

“I joined Fitness Together in July 2015, one month before I turned 40. I had neglected my health and wellness for a number of years while I focused on my child and family, and my upcoming birthday was a reminder that I needed to focus on me. I thought about joining a gym, but had not found one that I felt would be a good match. I then turned my thoughts towards personal training and that’s what brought me to Fitness Together. The trainer spent time talking with me about my weight loss goals and developed a training plan to address my specific needs. I’m proud to say that I’ve lost 30 pounds so far and my energy level has increased significantly. I have a long way to go, but I’m confident I’ll meet my goal with the help of Fitness Together.”


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