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December Client of the Month-Kara Bertoncino

Jan 14, 2012

Kara began at Fitness Together in Mid-May. Many of you might know Kara’s name and I would bet it is because you have looked at the Fitness Together’s record board. Since she has been here she has been taking over a lot of the female records and some males too. She currently holds the records for upper body endurance, lowest % body fat, lower body endurance and strength, while also grabbing the biggest increase in the wall sit at +535%.

Furthermore, with her tougher than nails attitude she has been able to increase her abdominal strength by (109%), upper body strength (165%) and decrease her body fat by 2% to put her in the excellent category!

We are truly glad that Kara belongs to our facility and no one else’s. With the amount of strength and determination that Kara has, we know she will keep setting the trend for clients in our studio. We are looking forward to many more months spent with Kara and hope she doesn’t get too strong for this facility or kicks Troy’s Butt J ! Thank you Kara, for being YOU!


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