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Client of the Month for November-Camille McCann

Dec 13, 2011

Camille began at Fitness Together in late August. She has been a sturdy force around the Fitness Together studio having not missing a session to date. She has also completed all 6 Nutrition Together sessions and has found them to be most rewarding in helping her reach a new fitness level. Since she has arrived here not only has she lost nearly 13 lbs and 4.6% body fat, but has also lower many health parameters. Her cholesterol, blood pressure and triglycerides have dropped immensely, leaving her doctor, “happy that she is one of the few who have taken her advice on getting more active seriously.”

In just a few short months she has lost 11 inches throughout her body and over 4 inches in her waist. Those measurements are astounding but it was her increases in abdominal strength (1200%), core stability (165%) and lower body endurance 239%) that show how her dedication has paid off.

We are so proud of Camille and her accomplishments. We love her upbeat attitude and energy she brings to the studio everyday. We are looking forward to many more “breakthroughs” and helping her achieve the dreams she wants! Thank you Camille for being YOU!


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