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Client Of The Month - Susan DiLella

Mar 4, 2016

Sue has been a part of the FT team for well over a year now! Throughout her journey, Sue has had an abundance of ups and downs in life. However, no matter how many times she has been knocked down, she ALWAYS seems to find a way to get right back up and keep trucking along. Her commitment to training has been the same way, as she has been committed to attending small group personal training FOUR times per week for quite some time now. Read below to see how Sue keeps herself accountable for every session. She also has a few words of advice for anyone that needs help but hasn’t quite bit the bullet to ask for help.

"I keep myself accountable by making this my sport; I come to work-out for practice. Only now my practice is for my long term health. I played sports as a kid and have always been very competitive and once I made this a habit, it's kind of hard to stop working out. I keep getting stronger and faster and I don't want to lose the momentum I have gained. It has become my most important hobby. My advice to other potential clients is to just get started, that first step is the hardest and once you start you won't want to stop. Find yourself a workout buddy to help keep you accountable. Fitness Together is a great place to start because they truly want you to succeed. The trainers push you and praise you along the way and you will meet other people that can challenge you as well. I truly enjoy working out in the pack sessions. The ladies I work out with have become my extended family and we push each other and celebrate each other's successes."


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