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Client of the Month - Jeremy H.

Jun 7, 2016

Jeremy has trained with Fitness Together- Cary for a year now and is known for his “suck it up” mentality. He recognizes that sometimes exercise can be uncomfortable and difficult but he understands the importance of it, so nothing stands in his way of getting his 3 sessions in every week! Jeremy’s profession requires him to be locked at his desk for the majority of the day but he still manages to overcome the detriments of having a sedentary job to attain RESULTS. In fact, for the month of May he is at an all-time low for weight and body fat. In addition, he set personal records in EVERY fitness test during the fitness assessment. Read below as Jeremy describes how he has been able to keep the results coming after a year of busting his butt!

“Getting results can only happen if you show up to your session, so that has to be the first priority. Not missing sessions comes down to basically two items. One is a pure financial motivation; You're paying money for a service so why would you not collect on that service? The second is accountability from someone else. Yes you are paying for these sessions but the trainer(s) are putting aside time on their schedules to be available for you so skipping or excessively rescheduling sessions is a waste of not just your time but someone else's.

I set my goal weight as an interim goal. I ultimately want to be 190-ish but coming from 207 is a long way so I just chose a more manageable interim goal but gave it an accelerated time table so I could avoid the mental pitfall of thinking I have plenty of time and not taking it seriously.

Words of wisdom aren't my strong suit but if I had to give some advice to clients going through the same struggles of life, I would say that you pretty much have to adopt a “suck it up” mentality because that’s what it takes. Nobody’s life situation or body is unique or special; your body works the same as everyone else's so there's no getting around the work. Also the 2-3 hours


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