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Client of the Month - Fusun Meric

Apr 11, 2016

Fusun has been a part of the FT family since 2013 and originally signed up because she needed a little a little extra help staying committed to her exercise routine, since she has been so active with her career and mommy life. What makes her so special for the month of March? You know how most of us hit a plateau aka “the wall” with our exercise routine? Well, Fusun blasted right through the wall and despite traveling out of the state on multiple occurrences throughout the month, she still managed to lose over 3% body fat with her latest assessment!!! Read below to hear her testimonial for how she was able to stay so disciplined throughout this journey!

“I have always liked being active – walking, running, and exploring outdoor activities. Before starting Fitness Together Cary, I had tried to find a way that would make exercise a part of my life which seemed to have no time between work, travels, and a toddler at home. None of the aerobics classes or gym memberships had provided me the motivation that I found at FT Cary! The incredible support I received from the trainers and their encouragement to do something a little harder each time coupled with periodic assessments have made all the difference. I finally have a regular exercise schedule that I really enjoy!

Exercise improves my mood, boosts my energy, and helps me stay in shape. Once I got into this routine, I realized that it is the perfect way to relax and distract myself from daily stress factors. There have been times that I had to work late or come back home late from business travels, but I never missed a session because I knew that I would get my mind off daily issues and work towards a much better body at the same time. It has also helped that FT Cary is a very friendly environment. The trainers are so knowledgeable and educated and always there for you. They make it almost impossible not to reach your goal. If you have a busy life or having hard to time to exercise on your own, FT Cary is the right place. It is the best investment you can make in your body.

Because of Fitness Together Cary, I am a physically and mentally stronger person. Thank you!”


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